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More than ever, payroll has become a vital and strategic element within your business; with more than three-quarters of payroll professionals agreeing that it’s a strategic business function. For an enterprise-level company, having a specialist payroll provider helping to reduce the risk in calculation errors, and adhering to the hundreds of tax codes and regulations, can enable your HR team to focus on using the vast insights that payroll provides, to make informed and strategic business decisions, taking your human capital management to the next level.

We also understand that integration with other key HR systems is critical, which is why our tech stack integrates with leaders like Oracle, SAP and Workday to name a few, to ensure your payroll operation is flawless.

So whether you're looking to make the move to managed, or switch SaaS solutions, we’ll work with you in a consultative approach to find the right solution for your business.

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What we do for enterprise companies:


Whether you need our army of 100 specialists to take care of your payroll with our managed service, or you want to benefit from our award-winning payroll and workforce management software, we have a solution for you.

  • Outsource your payroll operation to our experts to ensure you’re always compliant, reduce your total cost of ownership and focus your employee productivity towards core, revenue-generating processes.
  • Give your well-oiled internal payroll team the tools for success with our intuitive SaaS solution and still benefit from the knowledge of our payroll specialists.
  • Have a complete picture of your employee lifecycle with our European market-leading workforce management solution, that integrates seamlessly with our payroll, and other solutions like SAP, Workday and Oracle.

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 We integrate with leading HCM solutions including...



We understand that you’ll likely be looking to integrate our solutions into your existing tech stack. So we’ve developed seamless integrations with leading HR tech providers to ensure you have a flawless operation. We also integrate with ERP systems to help you centrally manage your solutions in one place.

We’ll help you ensure you have a single source of truth in your data – and that starts with your payroll.

Flexibility, Control and Security

These three factors are all important when it comes to your payroll operation. Our solutions give you to the confidence to know that: 

  • You can be flexible – our solutions are scalable and repeatable so we can keep up with the growth of your business.
  • You can retain control we can give you transparency of your payroll at any time of the month with real-time capabilities
  • Your data is secure – we have robust data security in place to look after your sensitive information and are ISO 21001 certified

It's about you

We know that your enterprise business may seem complex when it comes to your payroll. And the more it grows, the more complicated it seems to become. But not to us. Our payroll specialists can handle complex as they undergo 2 years of training when they begin their career with us.

When you start your payroll journey with us, our approach is consultative - we need to fit into your business. That doesn’t mean providing out of the box payroll solutions. We’ll work with you to understand exactly what your needs are and how we’re best placed to help.

Guide - In-house payroll or managed service?

In-house payroll or a managed service? A key question most businesses ask themselves when reviewing their payroll strategy. If you’re just starting to research the options, this guide provides a comprehensive overview to help inform your decision.

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Whitepaper - Optimise your financial strategy with a new perspective on payroll

Business priorities for CFOs may have altered in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but one thing is clear; resilient business continuity plans have payroll at their core. In this whitepaper, we’ll discover how savvy finance leaders are optimising their strategy with a new perspective on payroll.

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Understanding the ROI from solid software integrations

Understanding the ROI from solid  software integrations thumbnail

Payroll systems are the bedrock of trust that companies can build their organisation upon. By managing a business’s largest expenditure, they perform a crucial role – helping to maintain the confidence of a workforce. But that’s not where their value ends. When integrated with HR and workforce management systems, they provide leadership teams with the critical insights they need to make decisions that are vital to the long term health of an organisation.

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Investigating the business case for outsourcing payroll

Do you have a business case for outsourcing payroll

Do you have a business case for outsourcing payroll? Learn from Doug Brown, Director of HR at AG Barr Plc and Wendy Doherty, People Director of Bestway Retail as they discuss how they built the business case to switch to an outsourced  payroll service, and what impact this has had on their businesses and their people.

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