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For a mid-market company, we know getting the most from your HR tech stack and services is essential. Minimising costs, proving ROI and increasing efficiency will be part of your wider business strategy – and you need your HR tech suppliers to fall in line.

Our end-to-end People Solutions for payroll, workforce management, HR and talent, integrates seamlessly so you can avoid additional workload, free up your team’s time, improve employee experience and, of course, remain accurate and compliant.

So whether you're looking to make the switch to managed services to reduce costs, or just switch to a new provider, we can help make sure your entire HR operation is a breeze.

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Outsourced payroll

Benefit from an army of over 100 payroll experts, who’ll take care of your day-to-day payroll operations, always making sure your payroll is on time and fully compliant.

  • Outsource your payroll operation to our experts to ensure you’re always compliant
  • Reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) and turn your fixed costs into variable ones
  • Free up your HR team’s time and allow them to focus on wider business objectives
  • Retain as much or as little control of your payroll as you need to
  • Future proof your operation with our standard, scalable and repeatable solutions that can change with your business needs.

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Payroll Software

Our award-winning payroll software makes month end a breeze for your internal payroll teams. Learn more about our intuitive software, smart workflows and user-friendly interfaces.

  • Interactive, online, mobile and self-serve payslips that employee’s additional insight and reduce queries.
  • A Payroll Adjustments Tool which allows supplementary off cycle payments to be made without re-running your payroll, saving both time and money
  • Over 150 online payroll data reports, with powerful drill down capabilities and insight.
  • Instant pay results with payroll calculated at the start of the period, negating period end calculations
  • Pension auto-enrolment without the need for a clunky external assessment tool.
  • Automatic upgrade paths to ensure we’re keeping up with ever-changing legislation, without disrupting your productivity.

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Workforce Management

Have a complete picture of your employee lifecycle with our European market-leading workforce management solution, that integrates seamlessly with our payroll and HR.

  • Plan, schedule, manage absences and annual leave requests, and process accurate payroll.
  • Have a single view of time and attendance, planning and access control across your workforce.
  • Self-service functionality for employees and managers from any device.
  • Analyse the real-time impact of adjustments and changes to data.
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual processes with self-service functionality and automation, giving your employees more time to focus on the important stuff. 

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Eradicate data duplication, paperwork and manual admin with our intuitive HR software that integrates seamlessly with our payroll and workforce management.

  • A mobile, self-service solution that can be accessed by employees 24/7
  • Automate and streamline repetitive HR admin and avoid the errors that occur with data re-keying and duplication.
  • Automated organisation charts
  • Over 150 pre-built analytical reports, charts and graphs from the entire employee lifecycle, that amalgamate key data to inform business decision-making with confidence. Plus the ability to create your own too.
  • Onboarding functionality which allows future employees to sign their contracts online and supply pre-hire details, as well perform other onboarding tasks to enhance their incorporation into the business.

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Talent Management

Your employees are your organisation’s greatest resource. So retain and develop them with the help of our flexible talent management software.

  • Gain a clear overview of all competencies in your organisation with a simple visual summary that helps to identify strengths and highlight skill gaps.
  • Assessment tools that help to identify employee competency and skill levels and offer relevant training and personlised development plans
  • User-friendly interfaces that can be tailored to your needs. You decide whether to focus more on process-based talent management or an emphasis on employee-based initiatives.
  • Easily spot future leaders and prepare them for exciting and impactful new roles.

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Talentsoft Dashboard

Understanding the ROI from solid software integrations

Understanding the ROI from solid  software integrations thumbnail

Payroll systems are the bedrock of trust that companies can build their organisation upon. By managing a business’s largest expenditure, they perform a crucial role – helping to maintain the confidence of a workforce. But that’s not where their value ends. When integrated with HR and workforce management systems, they provide leadership teams with the critical insights they need to make decisions that are vital to the long term health of an organisation.

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Guide - Leaving time & attendance in the past: The future of workforce management

Leaving time & attendance in the past: The future of workforce management

Workforce planning is a key management responsibility, and traditional time & attendance (T&A) solutions have done a satisfactory job… until now. The recent COVID-19 pandemic and shift in workplace culture has challenged and changed the way we work. Managers must now facilitate homeworking and ensure social distancing can be implemented, whilst tracking employees’ time, attendance and performance.

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Guide - Pandemic Proof Payroll

This useful guide outlines common crisis-fuelled HR and Payroll issues and how to build resilience into your business continuity strategy.

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Webinar - Insights for a resilient HR strategy in 2021

New research by SD Worx, reveals that nearly half of European companies believe that COVID-19 will have a lasting impact on their businesses, and that we will have to radically change the way they work. Let's delve into the findings, and explore how you can use these insights to develop a more resilient HR strategy for 2021.

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