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Core HR

Payroll & Reward

Payroll that always gets it right

With our cloud-based technology and outsourced payroll services, you can streamline your payroll processes for accurate, efficient payroll every time.

Core HR

Core HR

Digital solutions built for HR leaders

Take the hassle of out manual, admin-loaded tasks with our agile solutions built to help HR leaders thrive.

Core HR

Workforce Management

Confidence in your workforce’s capacity

Empower your people to effortlessly coordinate staffing resources, maximise productivity and manage labour costs in real-time.

Core HR

Staffing & Recruitment

Attract and retain the right talent

Find the right people to help your organisation succeed and keep them engaged and motivated in your business.

Core HR

Talent Management

Inspire your people to become the next leaders

Nurture your people and help them build a more fulfilling and rewarding career path with you.