HR Analytics

Using HR analytics to optimise your workforce


Use today's insights to make a powerful impact. HR Analytics gives you a simple, easy-to-use way of accessing and building reports and insights. These analytics cover the entire employee lifecycle combining key data across HR and payroll to inform business decision-making with confidence.

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Data-driven insights to drive strategic decisions

There is a wealth of untapped employee data within every organisation. Yet, unlocking information and insight from HR data has historically been complex and challenging to achieve.

With the use of SD Worx’s HR Analytics you can delve into HR data with ease. From one centralised system, you get a clear overview of all your HR and payroll data in one place. You don’t have to be a data scientist to understand the insights, as it includes a variety of analytics dashboards to help you to breakdown the data, easily spot patterns and identify risks that may affect the workforce. Build and access custom charts and reports without specialist IT knowledge and provide greater insights to optimise your workforce and enlighten the C-suite.

Benefits for your organisation

  • Complete picture of your workforce to help you identify trends and spot risks before they become issues.
  • In-depth level of insight helps you optimise your workforce strategy and make more informed strategic decisions.
  • Identify understaffing risks as well as employees with low level of motivation and high absenteeism.

What we offer

  • Continuous and correct data storage and analysis of HR management personnel data.
  • Simple, automated and standardised HR data management processes.
  • A variety of standard and customisable analytics dashboards, charts and reports.
  • Analytics explorer and data export.

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