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Powerful analytics with SD Worx Insights

SD Worx Insights is a powerful HR analytics system that provides HR leaders with insights to enable them to elevate the strategic value they bring to the organisation. Talk in the language of the board room by monetising the impact of these insights, and when action is taken, tangibly link action with measurable results.

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Proactive insights to power your HR strategy

Responsibility for the input and maintenance of data, which historically was a key responsibility of HR, is shifting towards the employee and managers, facilitated by employee self service solutions. Greater reliance and demand is being put on HR leaders to consume and analyse large quantities of data.

By transforming large volumes of data into meaningful information and insights, our HR analytics software, SD Worx Insights, helps you make strategic decisions that drive real value across the business. Through a suite of customisable dashboards and reports, you get a comprehensive overview of the workforce to proactively review current or likely business issues, evidence of compliance, and metrics to support policy. SD Worx Insights utilises your people data and applies business rules, logic and calculations to that data to supply you with predictions and insights to power your HR strategy.

Benefits for your organisation

  • Turn large quantities of complex data into meaningful information and insights to steer data-driven decisions.
  • Spot trends, detect anomalies and the likely future impact of insights in an easy to understand format.
  • Removes the complexity and requirement of specialised skills as data is automatically tracked and presented in a user-friendly transparent format.
  • Comply with operational, internal policy and complex UK employment legislation obligations by providing key metrics, alerts and trend analysis for all areas of employment.

What we offer

  • An easy-to-use cloud-based insights software fully integrated with payroll and Core HR.
  • Capable of processing and analysing millions of different elements of data simultaneously.
  • Predictive trend and data analysis to spot risks before they become issues and identify employee churn. 
  • The tool offers a consumer grade user interface and experience.
  • Fast and efficient implementation so your payroll and HR team can dive into the insights immediately. 

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