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Take advantage of UK specialist payroll services and leave the grappling with legislation and time-consuming calculations to our payroll experts for complete peace of mind.

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Avoid errors, penalties and extra work by outsourcing your complex payroll needs

Making sure your workforce is paid on time every month is just one piece of the payroll puzzle. There are also complex additional requirements for accuracy and compliance to consider. Don’t worry if you’re getting flustered about additions such as benefits-in-kind, P11D, net to gross calculations, share schemes, or even oversees or expatriate employees’ payments, because that’s what we’re here for.

Our team of payroll and HR experts have been there, done that and got the t-shirt. They’ve helped businesses through the most challenging and complicated aspects of payroll, tax and rewards, and come out the other side with effortless payroll and reward packages. We can help you avoid penalties for late submissions and payments, get clarity on flexible benefit systems and handle complicated calculations.

Benefits in kind

We're not fazed by PAYE or flexible benefit systems, so if they're causing you frustration let our experts help.

Expenses, Benefits & P11D

We know it can be a struggle to meet the demands of P11D completions. To avoid penalties for late submission and/or incorrect calculations, leave it to us to get the job done.

Net to gross

Net to gross is one of the hardest, and often dreaded, sums in payroll operation. Offering specialist capabilities in this area, we deliver an accurate calculation of full liabilities as opposed to an estimated grossing up calculation. We love a challenge!

Expatriate, in-patriate & foreign or overseas employees

As one of the most flexible payroll services in the UK, we offer total compliance assurance for inbound expatriate employees or outbound workers overseas. Applying the compliance obligations to the payment of the employees, whilst meeting HMRC's reporting requirement via RTI, is well within our skill set.

Shares & share schemes

Our service supports the operation of Save As You Earn, Share Incentive Plans (SIP), Tax and NICs for Unapproved Share Options (even where the employee meets the employer NIC liability) and other share-related transactions. We'll ensure correct fiscal reporting to HMRC and the associated RTI Full Payment Submission (FPS).

Real Time Information (RTI)

RTI is a Government programme aimed at improving the operation of Pay As You Earn (PAYE) and supports the introduction of Universal Credits. In addition to the SD Worx RTI Electronic Exchange, we can help you move to real time payroll.

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A new payroll solution is driving Costco’s digital transformation

As a forward-thinking retailer, they started the search for a new payroll solution that would drive digital transformation without introducing complexities.

Costco pays its UK employees on a fortnightly pay cycle, previously reliant on an unsupported and outdated system that was never intended to manage payroll. They chose SD Worx’s SaaS payroll solution to drive digital transformation without introducing complexities. The cloud-based payroll solution was deployed in just a few months to effortlessly run the fortnightly pay cycle for thousands of employees.

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The high-quality customer service from SD Worx is what stands them apart from other payroll vendors. They listened to our requirements, worked diligently to budgets and timeframes and offered expert knowledge and training for our teams.
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Olabisi Opanuga Senior Finance Manager