Workday-certified multi-country payroll integration

Save time and drive efficiencies by integrating your global payroll with leading HCM system, Workday. Creating a seamless data flow across countries, you can maximise your investment and grow on a global scale.

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Cloud-based payroll software for efficient payroll processes

SD Worx has been a Workday Global Payroll Cloud (GPC) partner since 2014. This programme certifies partners offering prebuilt integrations with Workday HCM. In partnering with us, you can count on 75 years of payroll expertise and strong Workday community experience.

Together with Workday, we pledge to simplify your payroll integration while enhancing user experience. We provide certified Workday integration for both domestic and international clients, empowering them to deploy proven Workday integration systems and mappings that adhere to Workday standards and best practices.

We ensure that sharing and synchronising data between Workday and SD Worx payroll solutions is simple and smooth, reducing workloads and empowering your HR and finance departments to focus on value-adding activities.

How does Workday integration work?

Workday exports human resources data to SD Worx solutions and imports payroll actuals for viewing and reporting. SD Worx builds, maintains and updates these bidirectional integrations. This solution provides organisations with a comprehensive overview of their global labour spend as well as reporting and analytics capabilities across global payroll actuals in a single currency.

Benefits for your organisation

  • Save time and reduce setup and maintenance costs by easing integration burdens and complexity.
  • Enhance the value of your global HRIS investment with efficient processes and seamless integration.
  • Avoid the hassle of keeping integrations up to date; our evolving payroll integration automatically incorporates Workday innovations and local legislative changes.
  • Rely on a powerful combination of global integration and local expertise.

What we offer

  • Secure and efficient transfer of employee data to SD Worx payroll services.
  • Automated payroll integration driven by date-effective Workday events.
  • Certified integrations incorporating Workday and SD Worx best practices that are tailored to country-specific payroll requirements.
  • Simplified multi-country integration in six countries (Belgium, the Netherlands France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the UK) using one functional language.
  • Full documentation and rigorously tested, certified Workday integration.

Find out more about how we integrate with Workday

Talk to one of our Payroll experts and find out more about our integration with Workday and how it could start making a difference to your organisation today.

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Costco pays its UK employees on a fortnightly pay cycle, previously reliant on an unsupported and outdated system that was never intended to manage payroll. They chose SD Worx’s SaaS payroll solution to drive digital transformation without introducing complexities. The cloud-based payroll solution was deployed in just a few months to effortlessly run the fortnightly pay cycle for thousands of employees.

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The high-quality customer service from SD Worx is what stands them apart from other payroll vendors. They listened to our requirements, worked diligently to budgets and timeframes and offered expert knowledge and training for our teams.
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Olabisi Opanuga Senior Finance Manager