SD Worx Recruitment

SD Worx Recruitment

Recruitment involves sourcing and selecting for the right talent for an open position in your organisation. We understand the candidate’s expertise is a key part of resourcing. Leave it to us and we will source, screen, assess and attract the right people to fill in the right place in your team and engage in your organisation’s future.

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An integrated recruitment process to hunt for brilliant talent

As a selection and recruitment partner, we extend our services to give you a helping hand in finding the ideal person for your organisation. Our experts will source candidates from the proper digital platforms and assess them before attracting them to your organisation.

Our aim is to build an efficient recruitment process that revolves around your organisation’s goals and ensures the continuity and success of the business. We provide you with an integrated HR recruitment system to reduce the workloads of your HR staff and reach out for successful and motivated talent with a high level of expertise. Our focus is on the future of your business and we’ll work in partnership to make it a success.

Efficiency, success, high-skilled talents, motivational goals and productive workforce are the key areas that we focus on to provide you with a fully integrated recruitment system that guarantee the development of your organisation’s future. Our flexible, made-to measure and reliable service and platform will ensure the success of recruitment outsourcing process at its best.

Experienced consultants from SD Worx will help you position your vacancy, promote it through appropriate digital channels and source candidates with the right skills using state-of-the-art technology, We guarantee to help you secure the ideal candidate for the position, every time.

Benefits for your organisation

  • Efficient and reliable recruitment outsourcing process.
  • Seamless experience and expertise with SD Worx.
  • Onboard highly skilled and motivated new talent to your organisation.

What we offer

  • A fully integrated process from sourcing, assessing, selecting to hiring a high-profile candidate.
  • 6-month guarantee according to the ‘no cure, no pay’ principle.
  • Key support to provide an efficient growth of your workforce.

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How we helped Molson Coors streamline their payroll operations

Molson Coors were seeking a payroll and HR partner that would enable their employees to update systems within a timely manner. Self-service allowed them to achieve greater compliance and accuracy and streamline their payroll operations.

Leading brewer Molson Coors were making significant changes to their employees’ terms and conditions of payroll and bringing HR Service Centre in-house. Their main challenge was getting line managers to update self-serve within a timely manner, and ensuring all the systems were up-to-date and accurate in preparation for payroll processing.

With SD Worx as their payroll partner, the strong relationship that had developed over the years coupled with excellent service levels gave Molson Coors the confidence to make changes knowing that payroll accuracy, expertise or compliance would not be compromised.

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I love working alongside SD Worx. We have a really good, strong partnership and their efficiency to payroll accuracy is the same as ours. I know I can call any of the team with a concern and they will be there to support me… I am really looking forward to continuing our partnership
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Melanie Salmon HR Operations Manager