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Your employees are your organisation’s greatest resource. We offer flexible talent management software and the expertise to spark success at the heart of your organisation.


Matching employees with strategy

Finding the right talent for your organisation is only half the battle. The most successful organisations know how to enrich their people and align their ambitions with the organisation's.

Our talent management software helps HR professionals to overcome challenges such as:

  • Retaining talent and reducing employee churn 
  • Empowering employees to achieve their full potential
  • Creating an exceptional employee experiences

By optimally developing your people, tracking and following up on their performance, and planning for future needs in skills and staff, you can build a solid foundation for the sustainable, agile, engaged future of work – where people and businesses thrive.

Improving your talent management model

We provide organisations with talent management tools and insights to improve agile leadership and to get to the heart of the extended workforce. This enables you to match people with your business strategy in a future-proof way.

To help employees reach their full potential, they need good leadership and a clear progression pathway. Our career development centre provides extra support and direction for your employees, empowering your people to achieve their ambitions and helping them to take the lead in their futures.


Benefits for your organisation

  • Gain a clear overview of all competencies in your organisation.
  • Easily offer relevant training and personalised talent development programmes.
  • Embed learning, reskilling and progression into your company culture. 
  • Easily spot future leaders and prepare them for exciting and impactful new roles.

What we offer

  • User-friendly talent management solutions tailored to your needs. You decide whether to focus more on process-based talent management or an emphasis on employee-based initiatives.
  • Easy-to-use assessment tools to identify employee competency and skill levels.
  • A simple visual summary of your whole organisation to identify strengths and highlight skill gaps. 
  • Support and advice from our talent management specialists when you need it.

Strategic workforce management

Workforce management is all about optimising the process of transforming time into money. With trends such as flexible contracts and the rise of freelancing, strategically managing your workforce is more important than ever.

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Performance management

A well-designed approach to performance management empowers your employees and ensures an interactive dialogue between your people and the organisation. Setting the right goals and following up on performance underpins the entire HR cycle.

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Career & succession planning

Turnover causes dynamic shifts in the competencies needed by organisations. A future-proof succession planning strategy is key for optimal internal mobility, business continuity and employee engagement.

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Learning & development

Developing your people by offering them training and educational opportunities aligned with their skills and ambitions inspires engagement and loyalty – and is also the foundation for your organisation’s success.

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Meeting SLAs and compliance obligations whilst having a smooth UK & global payroll operation

Standard Life Aberdeen Group is a global investment company. Headquartered in Edinburgh, UK, they employ over 9,000 employees across their operations around the globe.


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