Strategic Workforce Management

Strategic workforce management


The way we work is evolving. Organisations must think strategically and be flexible enough to adapt to sudden change. Strategic workforce management software offers you the benefits of proven technology, automation and real-time insights, enabling you to prepare for the future of work and gain a competitive edge.

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Strategically supporting your long-term workforce goals

The way people work has changed dramatically in the last decade. Flexible and remote working, changes to shift patterns, and variations of core hours are just some of the ways the workforce has shifted. Are you confident your organisation can adapt to meet future changes?

What is strategic workforce management?

Strategic workforce management is a long-term vision that defines how your organisation applies its workforce to support the business, now and in the years to come.

To solidify this vision, it is important to consider the HR-related changes needed, including investments in workforce management and talent technology, to support the workplace of the future.

The main considerations for strategic workforce management are:

  1. Managing talent - Your future as an organisation depends on your ability to attract, keep and develop a skilled talent pool that is driven, innovation-minded and eager to grow.

  2. Coping with demographic changes with a view to the future - Your workforce management strategy must prepare your people for the future and requires an accurate analysis of your current and future needs.

  3. Understanding salary costs per profile - Do you know how much each profile in your organisations costs to employ, and what projects they are involved in? Optimising the deployment of your profiles means knowing exactly when to assign them the right tasks.

  4. Analysing workforce condition and productivity - Good planning safeguards employee motivation and agility and reduces expenditure per employee. However, your efforts will fail without a good understanding of the quantity and quality of work produced by each employee.

  5. Defining a future workforce strategy - This is a continuous process of identifying gaps and proposing possible solutions as new challenges arise help you to future-proof your workforce management strategy.

Benefits for your organisation

  • Gain insights into your workforce today and use them to define and amend your strategy for the future.
  • Maintain a clear view of your talent through talent reviews and aggregate this information to assess and develop your entire talent pool.
  • Accurately gauge current labour costs at any moment and predict future needs and forecast labour costs for multiple years.
  • Simulate and calculate every conceivable and desired personnel scenario smoothly and without errors, for well-founded strategic decisions.

What we offer

  • Integrated planning and time registration software solutions that enable you to know exactly how much time your talent spends on what project or task at any moment. Include all profiles in your overview, including freelancers, full-time employees, temps, consultants and part-timers.
  • Comprehensive reporting and graphs, including delta reporting.
  • An intelligent tool called ‘Pointlogic Imagine’ that enables you to analyse, report and simulate workforce costs, with unlimited simulation possibilities based on new or existing parameters.
  • Talent management software and talent review technologies to support the management and development of your people.

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