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By registering exactly how much time is spent on each task for each customer, you get a clear overview of workforce capacity and where your employee’s time is being used effectively. We offer activity and task management software that paves the way for automatic allocation of personnel costs, allowing you to track value and increase efficiency.

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Power your efficiency with task management software

Are you confident that you know what your people are working on every day, and for how long? It might surprise some organisations to find that their employees time isn’t spread evenly between clients, or that the bulk of their time is spent on less profitable projects or administrative tasks.

With our task management software, you get a clear overview of how much time is being spent on individual tasks broken down by each employee. The project management tool will empower employees to spot where time is being lost and encourage them to become more efficient and productive with their time. Using workforce management software also ensures that any overtime is accurately calculated and automatically passed to payroll.

Benefits for your organisation

  • Easily assign employees to projects, tasks or shifts while keeping everybody up to date on what to do and how.
  • Obtain better insights into hours worked by task, customer and order and all related costs.
  • Foresee, avoid and prevent capacity challenges and workload imbalances.

What we offer

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use task management software for time registration and planning.
  • Automated advanced reporting, including cost-price calculations.
  • Smooth integration with HR, payroll or financial software

Our solutions

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