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Robotics: Masters or Servants?

The Future:

Where humans and technology
complement each other.

If there’s one area of industry that cannot be wholly
replaced by automation, it’s HR.

But what technology and efficient automation can do, is to take away time-consuming transactional tasks. And free HR people to do what they do best – engage and retain great people through meaningful conversations.

SD Worx combines payroll software with advanced HR tools to provide an efficient, measurable cloud-based system that covers the whole employee life cycle from recruitment to retirement.

"Without knowing for sure what the future brings, it is
guaranteed to be more exciting, more successful, more wealth
generating than the past. Thanks to the healthy blend of people
and machinery."

– Doug Sawers, MD of SD Worx UK & Ireland

What Role Will Robots Play in the Workforce of the Future?

By freeing up humans from the most repetitive tasks, these technologies will instead change the focus for HR and business employees onto more creative, high-value activities. The role of robotics will certainly increase in the future but humans will still have a key role to play in the workforce of tomorrow.

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Masters or Servants? What role will robots play in the workforce of the Future?

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