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Global Payroll Solutions

Take control of your global payroll.
Partner with a global payroll provider.

Whether your organisation operates in three countries or 50 you face a number of challenges, not least when it comes to international payroll management. By taking advantage of our decades of global expertise of over 70 years, we can provide the in-country knowledge, compliance and central coordination required to meet your global payroll needs.

International Payments Solution

Need a solution for making international payments?

Powered by World First

World First helps thousands of businesses transfer money around the world quickly, securely and at competitive exchange rates. Our international payroll product makes it easy for organisations to pay overseas employees in multiple currencies.

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Why choose World First?

Simple | Accurate | Cost effective

  • International payment details are easily uploaded to our GoPay platform
  • Settle transactions in a single currency
  • Full transaction audit and payment tracking
  • Payments scheduled to ensure they are received on time
  • Pre-payment data validation prevents misdirected payments and delays
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Connected Pay

With SD Worx Connected Pay, global organisations gain:

  • Best practices for in-country pay & employment laws
  • Data repository, reporting engine and workflow system
  • Standardised feeds between SD Worx’s human capital management and in-county partners for payroll processing
  • Interactive view of each country’s calculated gross-to-net pay data
  • Configurable payroll audits to allow Payroll Managers to quickly identify anomalies
  • Access a rich set of SD Worx features including analytics, workflows, self-service & mobile
  • Complete view of employee data, including Pay, on a single SD Worx platform
  • Ability to configure and link global pay data to corporate general ledgers
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Global System of Record

This solution becomes your global system of record through:

  • Country specific new hire on boarding forms, automated time and attendance scheduling and absence management/time-off workflows
  • Global reporting capabilities in the form of consolidated reporting and business intelligence A localisable user interface that reflects local language, date, hour and currency formatting
  • Global service support in over 15 languages
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Global Workforce Management

Comply with legislation and business rules

SD Worx’s Global Workforce Management gives global organisations the visibility and functionality to manage employee schedules in compliance with legislation and business rules. Ensure accurate time tracking and compliance and improve employee work-life balance with a single application.

Capabilities include, Time & Attendance, Attendance Management, Task Management and Weekly Planning & Scheduling.

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SD Worx Global Solutions Benefits

  • Reduce multiple payroll supplier relationships and associated costs.
  • Comply with local legislative and corporate requirements.
  • Sign a single contract for all of your global payrolls.
  • Have one point of contact for support of all of your payrolls.
  • Quickly integrate newly acquired or merging businesses.
  • Address spin-offs or transition to new business systems or processes.
  • Respond quickly to corporate development activity.
  • Gain control over global payroll information.
  • Easily expand your global footprint