Outsourcing can be an emotive word, and HR outsourcing can seem a difficult concept. But, the truth is that it is all about enabling HR to move up the value chain and focus its resources on key differentiators for your business. Examples of this value-add are Leadership Development, Organisational Change, Operational Business Partnering, Reward and Talent Management.

Where does Ceridian come into this?

We concentrate on delivering your fundamental transactional employment services. While these are often described as commoditised services it is essential that they are done in accurate, timely and efficient manner. They are the foundation on which you can build true HR business partnering. You have to get the basics right! Working with Ceridian means that you can benefit from a provider that specialises in joined up HR and Payroll service delivery. We have the people, the technology, the processes and the business culture act as an integrated part of your organisation.

We use our HR Service Centres and HR & Payroll Systems to handle a wide range of your transactions from hire to retire. This takes a significant part of the administrative burden away from your HR team, automating processes such as new starters, holidays, absences, organisation charts, expenses, reports, and analytics. By getting the basics right, your employees will gain greater trust in your organisation, and your HR team are freed up to make a real difference to your business.

What does success look like?

Our intent is to take your transactional services to the next level. We take customer feedback very seriously. Our services are measured and reviewed with you at least on a monthly basis. We commit contractually to industry-leading service levels and will always endeavour to “go the extra mile” for you.

Your employees and managers will have direct access to:

  • An up-to-date highly intuitive HR & Payroll self-service solution from any internet-connected location be it work, home or while travelling.
  • A Ceridian-staffed HR & Payroll Service Centre handling calls and internet transactions

From a service perspective it is about employee engagement and measurable customer satisfaction. From a commercial perspective it about your costs becoming related to agreed services and outcomes rather than fixed internal resource costs and overheads. Therefore your total cost of ownership will decrease as the service delivery improves.


  • Clarity over service levels and scope – measured, improved.
  • Reduced administrative burden and headcount.
  • Enables your resources to be refocused on business-driven strategic and tactical HR activities.
  • Services can grow/adapt to your changing needs.
  • Up-to-date cloud-based technology – no on-premise implementation costs.
  • Streamlined, standardised and automated transactional processes.
  • No hidden costs, no surprises.
  • Access to Ceridian expertise.
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