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Ceridian makes two key senior appointments

Ceridian UK, one of the UK’s leading HR outsourcing and payroll service providers, has made two key senior appointments. David Woodward, previously chief information officer, has been appointed to the new role of chief product and innovation officer. Ross Tracey has been promoted to the senior leadership team and the new role of chief technology officer.

“These two new roles form a key part of our plan to capitalise on our internal know-how and shape our business more efficiently for meeting the challenges of significant future growth.” Says Doug Sawers, Managing Director, Ceridian UK

In his new role, David Woodward, Chief Product and Innovation Officer, will concentrate his talent and experience on developing a revamped and refreshed product and service roadmap for the future and will run a dedicated team which will concentrate on capitalising on the major technology investments Ceridian UK has made in recent years.

“As the result of David’s leadership as chief information officer over the last six years, all of Ceridian’s customer-facing technologies are class-leading and this, combined with a much improved overall service delivery organisation, provides Ceridian with an opportunity to leverage its market advantage through clever, customer-driven initiatives and partnerships. As a consequence, David will spend more of his future time supporting new customer activity as a key member of the business growth team.” – Says Sawers.

The innovation element of his new role will not only include development of advances in technology and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) but also embrace new processes for development of new service solutions.

Ross Tracey, Chief Technology Officer, joined Ceridian in 2009 as director of programmes and since then has re-based, enhanced and delivered a major transformational HR programme for a blue chip client in the hospitality sector. His leadership of a 100-plus strong team during this time, combined with his open and transparent approach with clients, has been instrumental in shaping Ceridian’s future proposition and growth.

In his new position, Ross will be responsible for drawing together all of Ceridian’s technology software build and test teams plus resources into one effective team. He will identify and highlight best practice so that Ceridian can capitalise on its expertise and know-how by delivering even more robust and efficient product solutions. Says Sawers.

Ross Tracey’s new role will also include helping develop Ceridian’s global best practice methodologies in software development. His remit includes UK and Ireland-based development colleagues, shaping the direction of Ceridian’s owned offshore technology service centre in Mauritius, in addition to management of third party technology development partners.

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