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SD Worx invests in GlobePayroll and strengthens its position internationally

SD Worx invests in GlobePayroll and strengthens its position internationally

Reading, UK, 28 June 2018 – SD Worx, a leading provider of global Payroll and HR services, is entering into a partnership with GlobePayroll. SD Worx has purchased 40% of GlobePayroll’s shares, creating a partnership that will allow SD Worx to accelerate its international growth and provide GlobePayroll with the necessary financial resources to expand further.

Deeper integration of HR solutions within payroll is becoming increasingly crucial for companies operating worldwide: the harmonisation of their HR system landscape across geographical regions allows them to improve their consolidation and analytics capabilities, and is an effective means of achieving greater efficiency.

GlobePayroll was the first company to release a disruptive full cloud-based Core HR and payroll solution geared to the multi-country market. This SaaS model (Software as a Service) is highly configurable and offers fast integration with other applications. The innovative and user-friendly application supports multiple currencies, is multilingual, powerful, and can run on mobile devices. The system also offers localised and integrated functions for Core HR and Analytics.
SD Worx and GlobePayroll aim to offer this payroll solution in more than thirty countries within five years, processing over half a million international payroll calculations per month. The international market offers key opportunities and is growing faster than any other local market: while the annual growth rate is 2 to 3% for local payroll, this growth potential can easily reach 15% for customers operating internationally.

The best of both companies

The companies will work together in order to further develop and fine-tune the range of products and services they offer their international customers.

"There are many synergies between the two companies," says Jean-Luc Barbier, Vice-President of SD Worx Global Solutions. "For example, we both focus on companies that operate in multiple countries, and we both innovate to provide our customers with the best possible service. The drive, flexibility and innovative spirit of GlobePayroll perfectly complements our many years of expertise and knowledge of the market. This complementarity is, of course, of great value to our customers."

"SD Worx brings exactly what we need to fulfil our ambitions," says Jean-Baptiste de Charette, Chief Executive Officer of GlobePayroll. "This partnership is an open door to new markets already covered by SD Worx, where we will find strong and reliable expertise to accelerate our go-to-market strategies. Moreover, we have found the ideal partner for our ‘start-up’ mindset and culture, and the willingness to preserve it."

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