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Social media: helping employees feel better about their employers

In an article for HR Most Influential, Nick Laird, Chief Commercial Officer, on social media, and it’s impact on employers.

People are changing the way they conduct their personal lives. Much more is public, much more opinion is shared, much less is taken as gospel truth, less store is placed on central and difficult-to-access repositories of information.

The speed of migration to these new ways of consuming and sharing information is accelerating; some of the more common social sites are simply enormous:

  • LinkedIn: the professional networking site (the one HR readers are probably most acquainted with) has 200 million users.
  • Facebook: with a younger and more gregarious user base has 1 billion users.
  • Twitter: the recently floated micro-blogging site, with 500 million users.
  • Google +: used for sharing personal updates in multi-formats, with 500 million users.
  • Instagram: used for sharing photos, with 200 million users.

All of these sites help to unlock pockets of previously unused knowledge (and create real value from it). They are an excellent medium for the creation of new knowledge by facilitating collaboration across wide geographies and involving many more people than possible via traditional comms tools as well as encouraging its quick and wide distribution. Continue reading

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