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Our Values



Integrity means working systematically in accordance with the values and standards of SD Worx. This finds expression in a transparent, respectful and sustainable approach to working with others, through abiding by agreements and handling information and data confidentially.

Smart Cooperation

Smart Cooperation means cooperating constructively by joining forces and sharing knowledge (pro)actively with both internal and external stakeholders so as to generate added value. This expresses itself in showing initiative, active listening and engaging in dialogue with each other with a view to achieving a shared goal in a positive atmosphere.


Passion means a strong personal bond with clients, SD Worx, the job and the field. This finds expression in enthusiasm, drive and commitment.


Innovation means gaining new insights and implementing new ideas. This is demonstrated by thinking of new ways of working and, together with the client, thinking in a forward-looking manner and developing solutions.

Result Driven

Being Result Driven is to commit oneself in a purposeful and resolute way to achieving the desired result. This can be seen in the achievement of defined goals that provide added value for both clients and SD Worx.