Auto-Enrolment – Introduction to Employer Responsibilities

Preparing for auto-enrolment can be extremely daunting. With so many rules and conditions, and penalties for non-compliance, it’s important that you know exactly what your obligations are as an employer.

This video provides you with a simple, yet in-depth description of your responsibilities.


  1. What is auto-enrolment
  2. The 7 steps to auto-enrolment
  3. My next steps as an employer
  4. Further information & support

Auto-Enrolment – Your Ceridian Solution

Payroll is critical to ensuring a fully compliant and accurate auto-enrolment solution. As the providers of your payroll solution, Ceridian will work with you to ensure your solution is accurate, compliant and cost effective.

This video explains the key steps we will take with you, to get your solution up and running in time (if you are a Pay & People customer, please view the alternative video which outlines our approach for your payroll solution).


  1. The Ceridian solution
  2. How do I qualify?
  3. What do I need to do?
  4. Typical timeline
  5. Further support

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