Collecting payments from your customers or members can often be a time-consuming and complex process. By outsourcing the management of Direct Debit collection to Ceridian, you’ll benefit from improved cash flow, and relief from the administrative burden of processing hundreds of payments each year.

Our flexible, secure service reduces demand on your resources and gives you and your people more time for other duties.

The key benefits for your organisation

  • Enhanced accuracy of collection – ensuring amounts are received on time
  • Time-consuming administration is removed – freeing up time and resources
  • Improved record-keeping – making it easier to keep track of income
  • Value for money – there is no costly IT investment
  • Flexibility – allowing you to vary the way you charge for your products or subscriptions

Who will benefit?

Any business or organisation that is collecting payments via Direct Debit will benefit from using the Ceridian Managed Direct Debit Service, especially:

  • Charitable organisations
  • Opticians, private clinics and dentists
  • Trade unions, clubs and societies
  • Mail order retailers
  • Publishers
  • Housing associations

From the beginning, we’ve never once had cause to complain about the service. We find the staff extremely friendly and always ready to help us.

Peter Watts, Company Director, D.R. Grey Opticians

How the service works


Ceridian takes on most of the adminstration work involved in collecting Direct Debit payments. We help you design your Direct Debit instruction and then manage any necessary paperwork by lodging all your received instructions with the banking network.

The Technical Stuff

We hold and maintain your database and generate and collect Direct Debits on your behalf. We will credit the amounts collected to your account on the same day, helping you manage your cash flow more effectively.

Bespoke Flexibility

Our service is fully flexible; able to cater for both fixed and variable debits and regular and ad-hoc payment dates, so we can help you tailor your Direct Debit collection to your organisation’s needs.

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