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PAYE in Real Time

Real Time Information (RTI) is a Government programme aimed at improving the operation of Pay As You Earn (PAYE) and supports the Government intention of introducing Universal Credits. Employers have been compliant and operating with PAYE real time since the 2013/2014 tax year.

RTI data that is required to be sent to HMRC will be automatically carried out for employers using the SD Worx RTI Electronic Exchange service.

The SD Worx RTI Electronic Exchange service has been designed to take away much of the administrative reporting burden to HMRC. It fully supports the submission of RTI data to HMRC in relation to your payroll operation, and along with the HMRC online services, offers an overarching solution to employer RTI needs.

The service is built on the same SD Worx technology as the current in year and end of year Electronic Exchange Service which has been partnered with HMRC since 1999.

If you run a business and employ people there are actions you need to take now to get ready to send payroll information in real time.
Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC)

RTI support

In addition to the SD Worx RTI Electronic Exchange, the following services are available to support organisations in the move to real time payroll:

  • Consultancy services – Help and advice for RTI, support in transfer of employees from Payroll to Payroll or from PAYE Scheme to PAYE Scheme, assessment of your business processes to ensure compatibility with HMRC requirements.
  • Data cleansing – Advice and information on HMRC data cleanse requirements, provision of data extracts and status reports.
  • Additional data support within HR solutions – The additon of new data items which aren’t traditionally aligned with the operation of payroll.
  • Specialist payroll support and associated RTI implications such as:
    - Overseas employee and Foreign workers who may have ex-pat tax implications
    - Voluntary payrolling of pensions
    - Payment for the flexible drawdown of pensions