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January 2018 HR News Quiz

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Welcome to January’s edition of the SD Worx HR News Quiz. Take our Quiz and find out how much you really know and how you fare against others.

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According to a study conducted by CV-Library, what is the number one New Year's resolution for UK workers regarding their career?

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According to a report by Canada Life Group Insurance, what percentage of UK workers say they would still go to work despite feeling sick?

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According to figures from UK PLC, how much does low workplace engagement cost the UK annually?

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Japanese firm Piala recently announced six extra paid leave days a year for who?

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Out of the estimated 9,000 employers that are subjected to disclosing their gender pay gaps, approximately how many of which have provided this information?

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Approximately what percentage of employees said that they were more inclined to work for organisations who clearly labelled the perks of a job?

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According to research from Investors in People (IIP), what percentage of UK employees are intending to look for a new role in 2018?

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According to the IPP's annual Job Exodus Survey 2018, what was the most popular reason for employees changing jobs in 2017?

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Recently, which nation has become the first in the world to make it illegal to pay women less than men?

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Approximately how many extra working days does the average UK worker put in per year?