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October 2017 HR Quiz

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Welcome to October’s edition of the SD Worx HR News Quiz. Take our Quiz and find out how
much you really know and how you fare against others.

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What percentage of people with a learning disability are in paid work?

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According to a study by Totaljobs, what percentage of recruiters believe that work friendships are either irrelevant or unimportant?

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Which UK job recruitment site has initiated a Paid Time Off scheme, whereby employees can take unlimited time off for sickness, personal reasons or vacations?

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It’s estimated that the condition Arthritis will cost UK employers how much by 2030?

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According to reviews by job candidates on Glassdoor, which company provides the best interview experience?

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According to reviews by Glassdoor, which company has the best work/life balance rating?

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According to a study by CABA, residents of which UK city are most affected by poor working conditions?

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In a survey by the charity Mind, which gender was found more likely to experience a mental health problem in the workplace?


According to research from Badenoch and Clark, what percentage of UK with a disability have experienced bias in the workplace?

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According to NHS statistics, what percentage of people with a mental health condition are in paid work?

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