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Advance Pay app

No more waiting for Pay Day

Finally, a solution that is proven to be the biggest single financial benefit you can provide to your employees at no extra cost to you

Let’s be honest pay day can sometimes feel like a long way away. Especially if there’s an unexpected bill or expense in the middle of the month to deal with. But how can you help as an employer?

With our Advance Pay app, your employees, both salaried and hourly, can access their earned income in advance, during the pay cycle. Giving them control to manage their finances in the way that suits them best.

Advance Pay Key Functionality


  • Proven financial wellness benefit that will drive higher engagement, retention & productivity at work.

  • Employees can track available future pay & transfer an Advance within minutes

  • No set up fee, easy integration with SD Worx Pay solutions

  • No impact on your normal payroll processing or cashflows

  • No interest, no penalties or hidden fees for employees

  • Ability to set transfer rates for all, individuals or by location

Advance Pay app: what's included?


Benefits for all

The biggest single financial wellness benefit you can give to your employees
  Advance Pay, optional service to Payroll
Supported by cloud, accessible via mobile app

  Make a transfer within minutes    
Set advance transfer rates by all, individual or location  
  No interest, no penalties, no hidden fees   
Integration with Payroll service  
  Empower your employees to manage their finances in the way that suits them best

Increase employee engagement, retention & productivity
  Reduce need for costly short term borrowing
No set up fees, no impact on cashflow or payroll  
  Attract new talent with #1 financial wellness benefit
Comprehensive reporting & measurable results 
Let your employees know you care about their financial health, contact our team today