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Optional Extras

Good things come in extra packages.

In addition to your chosen software bundle, you have the option to select additional packages to suit your needs. These extras are available across all of our bundles, and are designed to help you further maximise the efficiency of your workforce.

Performance Management

Manage and optimise performance across your business. Use our automated workflow processes to transform your objective setting and evaluation process into a dynamic feedback loop between managers and direct reports, and give your employees greater control of their own development.


With our easy to use self-service expenses system and mobile app, your employees can submit and track the progress of their expense claims from any device, at any time, speeding up the process by 75% and reducing your cost by 4% with greater visibility of claims.

Pensions Self Service

Automate your auto-enrolment tasks and ensure full compliance with legislation. Our technology helps you identify and enrol employees into the chosen pension scheme and calculate contributions automatically. It takes data directly from your payroll to ensure accuracy & efficiency.

Talent Management

With SD Worx Talent Management, you can identify where your top talent resides in your business. You can view the performance and potential of all your employees and teams, as well as mark people for potential promotions, which ensures you have a clear succession plan for your key roles.