Anette Böhm

Senior General Manager, Group HR, KBC Group

About Anette Böhm

With 25 years’ experience in steering organisations through complex transitions, Anette Böhm has a proven track record for delivering proactive and transformational HR leadership driving the success of international and national growth initiatives across various industries including healthcare, software, telecommunications, HR and financial services.

Anette is a forward thinker and articulate communicator with an innate ability to embrace change. As a proactive and business savvy HR Leader, she is particularly skilled in building empowered and talented workforces in cross cultural environments and highly competitive markets. She also holds proven expertise in organisational structure and human capital requirements to align HR functions with business goals, providing the catalyst to optimising performance, enhancing productivity and the driving of both revenue and profit growth.

Anette Böhm - Senior General Manager, Group HR, KBC Group

Interesting Fact

Anette Böhm is the president of the Board of Directors at Experience@Work, an organisation that provides 55 and older employees with job opportunities outside their own company without cutting the link with their current employer.