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Specialist Payroll Services

Specialist Payroll Services

At SD Worx, we offer a number of UK specialist added value services as part of our HR and Payroll solutions. Take a look at some of our Specialist Payroll Services below and get in touch to see how we can help your organisation.

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Payrolling of Benefits In Kind

We have expertise in matters relating to PAYE and flexible benefit systems and have offered payrolling solutions for many years.

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Expenses, Benefits & P11D

Organisations can often struggle to meet demands of P11D completions; avoid penalties for late submission and incorrect calculations.

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Net to Gross

We offer specialist capabilities for 'Net to Gross', one of the most complex calculations in payroll operation. This capability allows a full or part Net Payment to an individual employee as a point in time calculation with the appropriate 'subsidy' calculation to offset any associated Tax or NICs. SD Worx offers an accurate calculation of full liabilities as opposed to an estimating grossing up calculation.

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Expatriate, in-patriate & foreign or overseas employees

Our payroll service is one of the most flexible in the UK, offering complex compliance assurance. Whether you have inbound expatriate employees or outbound workers overseas, we offer capability to cover and apply the compliance obligations to the payment of the employees, whilst meeting HMRC's reporting requirement via RTI.

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Shares & Share Schemes

Our payroll service supports the operation of employee share schemes such as: Save As You Earn; Share Incentive Plans (SIP); Tax and NICs for Unapproved Share Options (even where the employee meets the employer NIC liability) or other share related transactions.

We offer services to cover complex calculations and ensure correct fiscal reporting to HMRC and the associated RTI Full Payment Submission (FPS).

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Real Time Information (RTI)

RTI is a Government programme aimed at improving the operation of Pay As You Earn (PAYE) and supports the Government intention of introducing Universal Credits. Employers have been compliant and operating with PAYE real time since the 2013/2014 tax year.

In addition to the SD Worx RTI Electronic Exchange, we offer services to support organisations in the move to real time payroll. See below or contact us for more details.

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