Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, HRevolution, is underpinned with a high availability, high performing cloud based platform. The solution which is built using proven Microsoft technologies is optimised for all web browsers and tablet devices.

Ceridian have built its platform in partnership with Centurylink (formerly Savvis) who are widely recognised as being market leaders in the industry. Centrylink consistently appear as a Leader in Gartner’s magic quadrant and are one of only 15 tier one global providers who provide the backbone to the internet. The HRevolution platform was designed with security as its foundation and with availability, resilience, scalability and performance as its corner stones.


Ceridian employ both physical and digital security measures to ensure the platform and customer data remain safe and secure.

  • Physical measures include hosting the data centres in non-descript yet highly secure buildings with 24-7 security presence.
  • Digital security measures come from use of powerful security devices that offer firewalls, intrusion detection and full separation of each of the tiers that make up the HRevolution application.
  • We execute automatic monthly vulnerability scans that test against many common exploits.
  • Fully configurable, feature rich password policies and multi challenge authentication options are available.
  • We undertake annual independent application security tests.


In all the time the platform has been operational there has never been any instance of an outage that has affected all customers.

  • Ceridian’s dual data centres operate in an active, active configuration, the first of its kind in the UK.
  • Intelligent Traffic Management can automatically route traffic from one data centre to another in event of a site wide issue.
  • Web servers are load balanced ensuring even distribution of activity across the platform as well as having multiple servers able to seamlessly deal with any requests should one or more servers fail.
  • Database servers all operate in a configuration that ensures that there is redundancy built in so they fail over should an issue occur, providing high availability and continuity of performance. In addition, the databases are replicated between datacentres enabling the DR arrangement within the Active/Active environment.


The platform has been thoroughly tested with scenarios designed to prove how the application deals with various loads. Ceridian’s latest test on an individual customer instance has proven the solution can cope with 5,000 concurrent users and is still able to produce sub 5 second response times for typical scenarios.


HRevolution is very intuitive and easy to use. Our customers find that it requires little or no training. One of our customers, a major high street retailer employing up to 100,000 employees, rolled out HRevolution to their whole employee base. They were concerned that they would not get adoption from some of their employees who had never used a computer before. However, those employees found the solution easy to use and they have a 100% adoption rate.


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