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Ceridian’s Workforce Management feature makes staff scheduling easy.

The schedule is automatically built for the manager with available employees, utilising their working patters as a best fit with any holidays and absences automatically applied. The manager is notified of any schedule gaps caused by holidays, absences or increased workload demand, so that the appropriate action can be taken.

If there are any workload demands that have not been satisfied, the manager can quickly add additional staff, by selecting a task and time period on the schedule. This action displays a list of available employees who could carry out the task and also have the appropriate availability. Clicking on the required employee will complete the schedule.

You can also use business information such as till transactions and seasonal fluctuations to help build your schedule. So, at busy times like Christmas, you can use previous year sales data to ensure you maximise revenue opportunities. As our workforce management is fully integrated with payroll, you can also use this data to maximise tax efficiencies.

Key scheduling features:

  • Employees allocated to the schedule on a best-fit basis.
  • Holiday and absence automatically applied.
  • Populates employee timesheets for the given period.
  • Provides rostered times and scheduled tasks for time recording comparison.
  • Cost and budget schedule report.
  • Working time analysis.