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Enhance your data accuracy in accordance with your business rules.

As a key control document for the payment of employees with variable and flexible working hours, our timesheets feature reduces the risk of error and time spent re-checking, and greatly enhances data accuracy in accordance with your business rules. To save manager time, timesheets can be pre-populated with the actual hours worked captured from the time recording device and the roster, so that they only have to deal with exceptions.

The timesheet can operate at a department level, or at an employee self-service level for businesses that require it.

Key timesheet features:

  • Automatic population from roster or schedule.
  • Implement consistent payroll and business rules at every location.
  • Control and manage employee allowances.
  • Department and individual employee timesheets.
  • Built-in authorisation levels and workflow.
  • Use time recording option to control timekeeping and accuracy of sickness and absence reporting.