We are passionate about our customers’ success, and we want to recognise and reward you!

The Ceridian XOXO Customer Success Programme recognises Human Capital Management professionals who strive to succeed. Register today to build a strong network of industry contacts and to get started on your journey to success and rewards with Ceridian.

Join the Ceridian XOXO Programme

Ceridian XOXO, what’s it all about?

  • Are you transforming human capital management in your organisation?
  • Looking for ways to share best practices with other HR leaders?
  • Do you have an organisational success story to share?

Ceridian XOXO is an Award Winning Customer Success Programme, with a passion for our customers’ success. When you join Ceridian’s XOXO Customer Success Programme, a dedicated Customer Success team will help you achieve professional and organisational goals.

How can you benefit from the XOXO Programme?

  • Showcase the success of your organisation
  • Build a stronger network of industry contacts
  • Attend educational events and training sessions
  • Meet like-minded professionals via social media, connect in a dedicated community and share HCM experiences
  • Earn XOXO points you can redeem for valuable products, services and events
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