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SD Worx Academy is your one-stop shop for your Payroll and HR knowledge needs.

Browse a wide range of courses that will help you to boost your understanding of Payroll, HR and Legal topics - whenever and wherever you need it.

SD Worx Academy

What can you expect?

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Courses and webinars written by professionals for professionals, providing content you can immediately apply to your role.


All of the SD Worx Academy content is interactive, allowing you to ask questions, get involved and maximise your learning experience.

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Practical information that you can immediately apply to your role, allowing you to support others as a Payroll or HR professional.

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    In the spotlight

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    Payroll Question Time

    Join our expert panel and members of the Payroll and HR community at our monthly interactive webinar. We break down all the latest changes in legislation and field your questions through our live Q&A.

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    Payroll, HR and Legal Services

    Every organisation has different employment and payroll obligations, so requirements can be easily overlooked. Our Payroll, HR and Legal Services can help you navigate through the complexities, click below to read more!

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    UK Knowledge for Pay and HR

    SD Worx UK Knowledge Centre (part of the UK Payroll, HR and Legal Services) provide a number of resources that may be useful to Payroll and HR Professionals. Our dedicated site includes the latest in Payroll and HR news, technical guides, legislation updates and much more...

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    International courses

    Discover our international courses

    Need to know more about payroll and labour law in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany? We have a catalogue of courses for several different European countries.

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