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Inside information: How to unlock the power of your HR data

In the fourth of five HR & Paryoll Foundations webinars, our panel of experts discussed the potential at organisations’ fingertips when it comes to using HR data to help shape both HR and wider business strategies.

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Power of your HR data

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In recent years, the need for organisations to use data from their HR and payroll systems to help shape both HR and wider business strategy has grown. Vital information from sources such as absence rates, salaries, holiday schedules, location data, national minimum wage payments and statutory sick pay can be used to help identify any issues or room for improvement, as well as acting as a starting point for wider reforms.

The next stage is to start using this information to conduct predictive analysis that will help organisation make better decisions. Businesses can develop future proofing strategies that are a direct response to the data at hand.

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  • How to create a winning business case for HR and payroll’s strategic investment plans

    Who is on the panel?

    Nick Day
    Nick Day
    JGA Recruitment
    Jan Laurijssen
    Jan Laurijssen
    HR Evangelist
    SD Worx
    Fiona Campbell-Downes
    Fiona Campbell-Downes
    Head of HR & Organisational Development
    AG Barr

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