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Costco’s digital transformation

As a forward-thinking retailer, Costco started the search for a new payroll solution that would drive digital transformation without introducing complexities.

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Over 70,000 companies spark success with SD Worx

Molson Coors
Standard Life Aberdeen

Don't just believe our word for it

I cannot praise Pamela enough. She is always so calm, collected and helpful, whilst remaining a totally professional stance with a sense of humour. If she is dealing with an issue you know she will deal with it until it is completed and if she says she will ring you back, she does. Plus she deserves a medal for having to deal with me.
Nicki Williams,
Group Payroll & Benefits Manager, Markerstudy
Tinopolis and SD Worx
We’ve been working with SD Worx’s managed payroll service for a number of years. Over that time, we’ve formed effective working relationships with their teams and they’ve supported us through many changes to our business. They are a reliable and trusted partner who are serious about delivering to a high standard. For us, the best thing is peace of mind that our payroll will be sorted every month.
Peter Reid,
Head of HR, Tinopolis

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It may have been a “masterful” marketing campaign that persuaded you to consider SD Worx. But it was our undeniable payroll credentials that sealed the deal. However, you certainly weren’t a pushover — you knew your stuff and you had demanding requirements…

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