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International payroll – without the hassle

Wrestling with multiple payroll vendors, compliance and finding the best operating model for your international payroll? Eliminate this complexity and focus on your growth. We provide strong local payroll services - and go beyond - across Europe. At the same time, we offer leading technology, a single contract and a global governance so you keep the overall overview.

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International Payroll
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European focus and in-country expertise

In the complex and highly regulated European context, payroll managed poorly can be costly – to your bottom line and reputation. Outsourced to our in-country experts, we make sure your payroll is correct and 100% compliant, wherever you’re hiring. From Stockholm to Sevilla and from the Irish to the Black Sea, SD Worx simplifies payroll across Europe.

    Going beyond payroll

    Whatever the circumstances, payroll never stops. Whenever you meet an HR obstacle, you can rely on our local experts’ advice on domestic labour laws, collective labour agreements, expat management, entering new markets and much, much more. Because that's what you need when you're dealing with strict payroll deadlines: an immediate and accurate response to any exception that comes your way.

      international core hr dashboard

      Make faster business decisions

      What does your HR team need to create strategic value? Real-time data, clear insights in core HR data, continuous overviews of payroll costs and strong analytics. That’s exactly what you get through accurate, aggregated multi-country reports. The result: payroll visibility and data-driven insights to propel your business forward – without spending ages on manual work.

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        Enjoy the comfort of an all-in-one solution

        Out with multiple contracts, different call centres in far-away countries, confusing governance models and a mishmash of how-do-you-use-these tools. With SD Worx, you get one solution that covers the whole spectrum, meaning one contract, one point of contact, one governance model and harmonised service levels in all your destinations.

          Everest Group

          Everest Group acknowledges SD Worx as a Leader in the Multi-country Payroll (MCP) Solutions PEAK Matrix 2022 for EMEA.

            Why SD Worx

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            Gründe für SD Worx

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            7,500+HR Professionals

            International payroll by SD Worx
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            SD Worx

            Take the hassle out of international payroll


            Local expertise, global governance, seamless integration. 

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              Are you struggling with multiple vendors, compliance issues and getting a holistic view of your international payroll?

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