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Payroll Solutions for SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite

Explore payroll options for SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite. SD Worx offers SaaS payroll, implementation and integration, and managed payroll services. 

We’re also a SAP Gold Partner.
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SD Worx SAP SuccessFactors

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SD Worx is a trusted SAP Gold Partner that offers a wide range of payroll options designed to integrate seamlessly 
with your existing SAP SuccessFactors HXM suite. Whether you're looking for an implementation partner, 
managed payroll service, a new payroll engine, or payroll legal and advisory services, we have a solution for you. 

Select the profile that best suits your requirements below, or simply scroll for our full range of payroll solutions and services.

    SAP Payroll Implementation Partner

    Implement SuccessFactors Payroll

    • SAP Gold Partner expertise
    • Smooth implementation process
    • Seamless payroll integration
    • Streamlined system set-up
    • Ongoing support & guidance
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    Partnering for Payroll

    SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll Implementation


    SD Worx is a SAP Gold Partner that can help your organisation implement and integrate SAP Employee Central Payroll seamlessly. 
    With over 75 years of experience providing payroll solutions and services, our experts will work with you to design 
    the best operating model and harmonise your payroll processes. 

    Whether you're looking for implementation support only, or managed payroll services too, we have a solution for you.

      Connaissance de tous les outilsImplementation

      SD Worx will implement and integrate SAP Employee Central Payroll for seamless payroll management.

      Connaissance de tous les outilsExpertise

      SD Worx is a SAP Gold Partner with over 75 years of experience providing payroll solutions and services.

      Connaissance de tous les outilsExperience

      SD Worx has helped countless businesses streamline their payroll processes and achieve their payroll goals.

      Connaissance de tous les outilsProcess

      Our experts will work with you to design the best operating model for your needs and harmonise your payroll processes.

      Connaissance de tous les outilsService

      Choose from a range of service levels to meet your payroll needs, including fully managed payroll services by SD Worx.

      Connaissance de tous les outilsCompliance

      Ensure compliance with local regulations and country-specific payroll requirements with SD Worx's expert payroll services.

      Payroll integration with SD Worx

      Data Migration & Integration is the big elephant in the room: a boring topic nobody likes to talk about. However, it is crucial for your implementation success.

      Find out more about why you need Data Migration & Integration and how we can help you avoid corrupted HR data headaches.

        A guide to SAP Payroll implementation

        A guide to SAP Payroll implementation and integration

        Unlock the potential of your HR & Payroll systems with SD Worx, your trusted SAP Gold Partner with over 75 years’ worth of payroll experience. Our partnership with SAP enables us to offer exceptional expertise and resources to streamline your payroll operations.

          Learn more

          Let us help you implement SAP SuccessFactors

          Get in touch to discover how we can help your organisation implement and integrate SAP Employee Central Payroll seamlessly

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            Managed payroll services

            Outsourcing Payroll Management to SD Worx


            You can rely on our team of payroll outsourcing experts to navigate ever-changing rules, legislation and calculations. 
            With our industry-leading payroll accuracy of 99.93%, you can reduce costs, save time and streamline your processes – 
            ensuring your people are paid accurately on-time, every time.     

              Jederzeit auch international skalierbarTime-Saving

              Outsourcing your payroll to SD Worx frees up your time to focus on your core business activities, increasing productivity and efficiency.

              Jederzeit auch international skalierbarCost-Effective

              By outsourcing your payroll to SD Worx, you can reduce the costs associated with hiring and training payroll staff, and avoid costly errors and penalties

              Jederzeit auch international skalierbarExpertise

              SD Worx has over 75 years of payroll expertise, providing you with access to experienced payroll professionals who can offer tailored solutions for your bespoke needs.

              Jederzeit auch international skalierbarCompliance

              Our payroll services are fully compliant with local regulations and country-specific payroll requirements, reducing your legal and financial risk.

              Jederzeit auch international skalierbarScalability

              For medium, large and enterprise organisations, SD Worx can provide a scalable payroll solution that grows with your organisation.

              Jederzeit auch international skalierbarFlexibility

              SD Worx's Managed Payroll Service can run on our own software or on an existing payroll solution, providing you with flexibility to choose the best option for your business.

              Outsourced payroll that ticks every box

              SD Worx payroll integrates with a wide ecosystem of Enterprise HCM systems, including SAP Success Factors.

              Our best-of-breed payroll integration will increase the quality of your data, improve operational efficiency, and reduce the costs and risks associated with processing large volumes of data. 

              Watch the video above to find out more.

                SAP HXM

                The art of Outsourcing Payroll

                Outsourcing payroll has become an increasingly popular option for businesses of all sizes due to the many benefits it offers, such as streamlined processes, improved accuracy, and cost savings.

                Download our eBook, in which we explore the key considerations and provide guidance to help you navigate the outsourcing process with confidence and ease.

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                  SAP Hxm

                  Our partnership with ASDA

                  Outsourcing helps Asda stay ahead in the fast-moving world of payroll legislation.

                  Read how the British supermarket giant needed a true payroll partner to deliver the best service for 150,000 employees at over 600 locations.

                    Read more

                    Learn more about our managed payroll services

                    Get in touch to discover how we can transform your organisation with a managed payroll service.

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                      Integrated payroll solution

                      Find the best payroll solution to integrate with your HR system


                      SD Worx payroll integrates smoothly with a wide ecosystem from mid-market to large enterprise HCM systems. 
                      Our team of experts will provide the support and assistance you need during the integration process.
                      Minimise risks and optimise your payroll process within your time frame and budget.

                        SELF SERVICEScalable

                        Cloud-based SaaS payroll designed to meet the needs of medium to large enterprises, providing a reliable and customisable solution.

                        SELF SERVICEInstant Payroll Results

                        Run instant payroll calculations and updates at any time to avoid the need for large batch changes, trial runs, and system downtime. This results in increased accuracy and reduced errors.

                        SELF SERVICESelf-Service & Mobile Payslips

                        Give your employees access to their payslips on any device, at any time. Payslip messages can be configured to reduce payroll queries on payday, improving employee experience.

                        SELF SERVICEPowerful Payroll Reports

                        A comprehensive suite of standard payroll and export reports. Data is updated in real-time, allowing for accurate reporting and forecasting at any time.

                        SELF SERVICECompliance

                        Regular and automatic legislation updates ensure that your payroll processes are always compliant with local regulations and laws, giving you peace of mind.

                        SELF SERVICESecure and Reliable

                        Cloud-based technology that is secure, reliable, and designed with industry-leading security measures to protect sensitive payroll and HR data.

                        SAP Solutions

                        A guide to integrating payroll with SAP HXM Solutions

                        When SAP HXM technology is deployed effectively and “wall to wall”, it can underpin impressive HR transformations. But if a solution fails to live up to expectations, major problems can result—both in terms of business performance and workforce morale.

                        So, what exactly do you need to know in order to ensure your deployment is effective?

                          Read our guide
                          payroll integrations

                          Impressive Payroll Integrations

                          There is no doubt that integration is often perceived as being complex, time consuming and technically difficult to understand or implement.

                          At SD Worx we have significant experience in integrating people systems and data with structured processes and technologies.

                            Learn more

                            Building the business case for Payroll integrated with SAP HXM

                            Successful integration of payroll with SAP HXM can drive efficiencies and improve employee engagement and retention.

                            Download our free business case template to help you start the process to fully integrated SAP HXM with best of breed Payroll.

                              Download here

                              Explore payroll options for SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite

                              Get in touch to discover how our range of payroll solutions and services can improve your Payroll and HR operations.

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                                SD Worx SAP SuccessFactors

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                                Get in touch today to discover how our range of payroll solutions and services can improve your Payroll and HR operations.