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40 years of partnership with Hertz - with and without the pandemic

The team at the helpdesk are A* + +! Their response time has been amazing throughout the Covid-19 pandemic when we needed them the most. Someone always picks up the phone and answers my query straight away or puts me in touch with someone else to help me, and they can even implement changes for us so there isn’t a long waiting time.


    As an innovative challenger brand, Hertz were seeking a payroll partner that shared the same values and one they could truly depend on for the long-haul. They required a secure and reliable option for their payroll, but one that would also offer the flexibility to scale up payroll operations to suit their future growth.

    The payroll team at Hertz had grown tired of the annual P11D submission, (P11D are PAYE forms used to give HMRC information about employee ‘benefits in kind’) which was incredibly time-consuming, complex and manual. Hertz required a solution that would remove the headache of the P11D process, increasing accuracy and improving employee experience for the payroll team.


      Hertz has trusted SD Worx to take care of their UK payroll operations for the last 40 years. SD Worx understands what Hertz needs at every step of their journey and provides the right solution to help the organisation continue its upward trajectory.

      Hertz was attracted to the cloud-based payroll software (SaaS) that SD Worx delivered because of its high reliability security and the flexibility for them to be in control of the payroll. After years of manually and painstakingly managing hundreds of their staff P11D benefits in kind, implementing SD Worx’s P11D service transformed it from a time consuming and manual task to one that is much simpler, efficient and quicker to complete. The module helped to simplify the process, introduced risk management and increased accuracy by removing the need for manual input and the potential for human errors.

      “I was thrilled when we got the P11D module! The system makes it so easy to document the information and reduces the need for us to perform complex calculations. The reports and benefits statements are great.” Cecilia Roye, Payroll Manager, Hertz.


        Hertz have greater piece of mind knowing that their payroll software is reliable, secure and fully compliant. They don’t have to worry about the amount of work and time that goes into submitting their annual P11D requests because SD Worx’s P11D service does all the heavy lifting for them, allowing the team at Hertz to focus their time and attention on value-adding tasks for their organisation.

        Taking care of Hertz’s payroll operations and capabilities, the SaaS solution from SD Worx has been a game-changer. Employees love the fact they can check their payslips online at any time and the software has helped the payroll team improve their productivity and reduced their reliance on manual processes and paperwork.

        However, the real strength of the relationship lies in excellent communication and partnership between Hertz and SD Worx. When the pandemic struck, the SD Worx helpdesk team, like many SD Worx colleagues, worked from home. Hertz claims there was no disruption to the great service they received, and the helpdesk continued to offer excellent support from home.

        Hertz has a dedicated account manager, who provides support whenever they need it, and the team receive regular emails advising them of updates or improvements to their service. Hertz loves SD Worx’s webinars, which have helped them through challenging topics such as Covid-19, furlough and legislative changes.

        Hertz would describe the relationship with SD Worx as ‘solid’ overcoming any challenges together and progressing. “We have a good strong relationship and I feel very supported [by SD Worx] especially when we’ve been really busy and needed their help.” – Cecilia Roye, Payroll Manager, Hertz.

          Benefits & Impact

          • 40 years of excellent service, account management and support
          • Ideal scalability for the retail sector with its seasonal peaks and variable pay scales
          • SaaS and the P11D service is proving to be a sustainable investment, saving time and money while reducing manual processes and carbon footprint
          • A quality experience for staff, maintaining Hertz's reputation as a great place to work
          • Collaborative partnership between SD Worx and Hertz that grows stronger with communication
            Hertz and SD Worx
            The response time has been amazing throughout the pandemic. Someone always picks up the phone and answers my query straight away or puts me in touch with someone else to help me, and they can even implement changes for us so there isn’t a long waiting time.
            Hertz and SD Worx
            Cecilia Roye, Payroll Manager, Hertz

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