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Best-in-class Payroll Software

Our cloud-based payroll software arms your in-house payroll team with the technology to be efficient, the freedom to self-serve and the insights to make data-driven strategic decisions. In a fast-paced and dynamic space, you want to ensure they are empowered to excel in their roles.

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Cloud-based SaaS Payroll

The Payroll Software that delivers

By streamlining and simplifying your own processes, SD Worx Payroll helps you save time and improve payroll accuracy - delighting the payroll teams as well as employees. Whilst you retain control and a productive workspace, we'll worry about the nitty gritty like legislation, compliance and IT. Securely hosted in the cloud, the software we've developed is continually updated and available every hour of every day... all you need is wi-fi, a device and a cuppa.

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    Designed with your people in mind

    Efficient Payroll Software by SD WorxCloud-based SaaS

    A scalable, secure and reliable payroll solution that’s flexible where it counts. It handles complex legal payroll options in real time so you don’t have to worry about challenging legislation.

    Instant payroll resultsInstant payroll results

    Run instant payroll calculations and updates at any time to avoid the need for large batch changes, trial runs and system downtime. Changes can be acted upon promptly, increasing accuracy and reducing errors.

    Dynamic mobile payslipsSelf-service & mobile payslip

    Your people can access their payslips on any device, at any time. Your organisation can configure payslip messages to reduce payroll queries on payday by up to 75% - improving employee experience.

    Powerful payroll reportsPowerful payroll reports

    Gain access to the most comprehensive suite of standard payroll and export reports. Data is updated in real time using Active Technology. This allows for accurate reporting and forecasting, at any time.

    Unrivalled commitmentPayroll enhancing HR tools

    Easily manage new starters, leavers, employee records, absence, timesheets, work patterns and documents as part of your payroll solution with our integrated and intelligent HR tools.

    Why choose SD Worx

    Trusted professionals

    • We employ 8,000+ HR & Payroll professionals
    • We look after up to 40+ different industries
    • Trusted by FTSE 100 companies


      • Over 75 years of experience
      • We serve 5.2 million+ employees every month
      • We serve a client base of over 82,000

        Cutting edge technology

        • Secure and reliable cloud-based technology
        • ISO27001 accredited & ISAE3000 Type 1 certified
        • ISAE3402 SOC 1 Type 2 compliance certified

          Over 76,000 companies are working with SD Worx worldwide

          Golding Homes
          SD Worx Payroll is quick and easy to use. Our employees love the fact they can view their payslips online in seconds!
          Golding Homes
          Jase Webster-Whiting, HR Change Lead, Golding Homes
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          Getting started with SD Worx Payroll

          STEP 1: Launch & discovery

          An opportunity for us to build an understanding of your current processes and a practical knowledge of your existing technology.

            STEP 2: Set up & testing

            We’ll configure the new system to your specific needs, and run parallel pay runs before going live.

            This will include an opportunity to review the interface and offer feedback.

              STEP 3: Go live

              Once live, there will be a period of ‘hyper care’ where support will be on hand, at a moment’s notice, should you have any questions.

                The benefits of in-house, cloud-based payroll

                Here are some of the main advantages of keeping your payroll in-house...

                • Total end-to-end control over the process
                • Dedicated resources
                • Increased operational resiliency and improved business continuity
                • Reduced total cost of ownership and increased efficiency, improved data security
                • More accurate and efficient payroll
                  Discover why payroll should be in the cloud
                  SD Worx | Integration

                  Trusted payroll integration with HCM, Workforce Management and ERP

                  There is no doubt that integration is often perceived as being complex, time consuming and technically difficult to understand or implement.

                  At SD Worx we have significant experience in integrating people systems and data with structured processes and technologies. This is why we are able to provide you with the necessary guidance and advanced technical  know-how to remove this burden. Trusted by over 82,000 customers, we ensure you get the right approach, whatever system you use. 

                  Explore our integration options and find out the best approach for your organisation.

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                    Is SaaS payroll right for you?

                    Running your own payroll in house, especially using a cloud-based SaaS solution, brings a wealth of business benefits. But, depending on your organisation's needs and goals, it’s important to consider some of the risks too, so you can make an informed decision.

                    In-house payroll benefits certain organisations as it provides end-to-end control, but with this comes great responsibility - such as compliance, and investment in technology. If you want to take the stress out of payday, our secure and reliable managed payroll service is your other option.

                    Talk to our experts and let's discuss which option is best for you. 

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                      FAQs | Payroll Software

                      Features of payroll software include automated payroll processing, tax calculations and filing, employee self-service portals, customisable reporting, and integrations with other HR and accounting systems.

                      Benefits of payroll software include increased efficiency, accuracy, and compliance, reduced administrative burden, and improved employee satisfaction through timely and accurate payments.

                      To choose the right payroll software, consider factors like ease of use, scalability, integration capabilities, reporting features, and customer support.

                      Payroll software typically provides customisable reporting and analytics, allowing you to gain insights into payroll data, identify trends, and make informed business decisions.

                      Factors affecting the cost of payroll software include the number of employees, features, level of customisation, and support options.

                      Payroll software ensures security and data protection through robust encryption, access controls, and compliance with relevant data protection regulations.

                      Support and training options may include onboarding assistance, dedicated account managers, online resources, webinars, and ongoing customer support.

                      SD Worx

                      Let us help


                      Remove the headache of time-consuming, manual processes with our cloud-based payroll solution that makes paying your people accurately, and on time, a breeze.

                      Our intelligent payroll solution is configurable and scalable to your organisation’s needs, with a consumer-grade interface and single-sign functionality for any device. Our wide ranging flexible integration links with your current tech stack to future-proof your organisation for whatever comes your way.

                      Get in touch today to discover how our solutions can transform your Payroll and HR operations.

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                        Latest payroll insights & resources


                        Write a winning business case for moving to cloud-based payroll [Free downloadable template]

                        If you’re reading this, you’re already thinking about future-proofing your payroll by moving your payroll operations over to the cloud. In this practical guide, we’ll break down how to write a business case for transitioning to cloud-based payroll software and provide you with practical tips for managing the process and presenting your case. We’ve also included a handy template for you to follow, which you can download further down the page.

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                          Payroll in a cloud

                          Why payroll should be in the cloud - virtual roundtable discussion

                          In October 2021, SD Worx had the pleasure to host the two virtual roundtables with Heads of HR and Payroll. Taking part in the first roundtable were experts in the field of payroll management and automation. Whilst our conversations were wide ranging, in this article we will summarise a few of the key topics we discussed and the conclusions we reached.

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                            Your guide to integrated Payroll and HR software systems

                            With the traditional methods of transferring data being too slow for modern day demands, integrated payroll and HR software has become essential for forward-thinking organisations. In this guide we’ll review and explain how integration works in practice, how organisations can change as a result and what business need to consider as they introduce payroll data into other systems.

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                              Payroll solution

                              The pros and cons of integrating your payroll solution

                              There are several benefits and also complications of payroll integration - factors to consider before pushing ahead with new projects. In this article, we’ll look at some of the hurdles you might face as you move towards integration. But before we focus on the more challenging aspects it’s worth reminding ourselves why integration is not just a nice to have, but a modern-day imperative.

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                                So Much More Than Payroll Employer Responsibility in the Modern Workforce

                                In-house vs outsourcing payroll costs – is outsourcing payroll cost effective?

                                If you’re thinking of moving your payroll responsibilities away from your in-house staff and to an external provider, one of the first things you’ll need to consider is how outsourcing payroll costs will stack-up against your current outlay. Most outsourced payroll service providers will tell you that they can save you money by taking care of salary, pension and benefits management. But is outsourcing payroll cost effective in real terms?

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                                  UK whitepaper

                                  The hidden value of payroll

                                  From improving employee engagement to unlocking vital intelligence, this whitepaper explores the hidden value payroll can provide to the whole organisation. Discover how finding the right payroll partner and solution will help you future-proof your business and look after your greatest asset – your people.

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