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SAP SuccessFactors Global Payroll Integrations

Ensure the continuity of your Payroll, successfully connecting SAP SuccessFactors and SD Worx payroll solutions. Our team of experts will provide the support and assistance you need during the integration process. Minimise risks and optimise your payroll process within your time frame and budget.

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SD Worx Integrated Payroll and HR - SAP

SAP integration experience and expertise

With a proven track record of working with SAP customers and producing over 350,000 payslips per month, we are a leading player for HR and payroll solutions based on the latest SAP technologies. Our team of consultants is fully dedicated to these projects and delivers ongoing support once you are live.

How do we do it?

Our extensive experience can deliver integration between your SAP HR Services and Solutions and SD Worx Payroll and Workforce Management technology.

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    Payroll Software Integrations

    Outsourced payroll servicesEmployee trust

    Innovative mobile applications and on-time payment – the perfect recipe for a top-notch employer branding

    UK-cautionPeace of mind

    Our team of in-house SAP experts ensures comprehensive support and ultimate flexibility


    Stay within budget by relying on rapid deployment from a single provider for technology support and payroll

    SD Worx StaffingStress-tested payroll

    Make data-driven decisions by linking your payroll operational data to other HR and business data

    SD Worx Core HRBespoke solutions

    We can fully integrate with your current HR solutions and add best-practice support

    How does SAP integration work?

    Whether you manage your payroll on SAP (EC or HCM) or connect your SAP system to SD Worx’s payroll solutions, we’ve got you covered.

    Our local payroll experts provide high-end assistance, including legal compliance checks, post payroll, and data input capabilities. Choose your preferred service model now.

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      Benefits to your organisation

      • Enrich the people data that has been captured from your HCM with localised, compliant payroll information
      • Through integrations with our payroll solutions, we immediately detect errors that might prevent a smooth payroll calculation
      • Quickly correct the necessary data and verify if errors are resolved – the data itself is validated for payroll in real time
      • Combine aggregated payroll data with other departments, e.g. finance, sales, operational etc.
      • Deep dive into data with fully interactive graphical analytics
      • Reduce administration time and cost and eliminate double entry of data as well as improve the accuracy of your payroll data
        ISS & SD Worx
        We chose SD Worx as a provider because they demonstrated a real understanding of our need and our purpose.
        ISS & SD Worx
        Richard Bishop-Laggett, Director of Strategic People Projects, ISS
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        FAQs | SAP & SD Worx Payroll Integrations

        Integration with SAP SuccessFactors enhances payroll processes by enabling automatic data exchange between the HR and payroll systems. This ensures accurate and efficient payroll calculations, reduces administrative tasks, and provides a unified view of employee data.

        SD Worx provides SAP SuccessFactors users with benefits like global payroll expertise, a single point of contact for support, and robust reporting capabilities. We also offer a seamless user experience with payroll data accessible directly within the SAP SuccessFactors interface.

        SD Worx handles the integration setup with SAP SuccessFactors through a collaborative process, working closely with the client's team to understand their specific requirements, configure the integration, and provide necessary training.

        Security measures for SAP SuccessFactors integrations include robust encryption, secure data transfer protocols, and strict access controls. SD Worx adheres to international data security standards to ensure the utmost protection of client data.

        Comprehensive Workforce Management software | SD Worx

          Workforce Management that fits

          Our workforce management software empowers you to coordinate staffing resources, maximise productivity and manage costs in real-time. It can also be integrated seamlessly with Payroll and HR ecosystems.

          "It’s our goal to make managers more autonomous and allow them to manage their team without intervention from Payroll or HR. Visibility of the staff you manage is very important, and a digital solution has really helped that."

          - Andrew Williams, Payroll Manager, Chester Zoo

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            Find out more about how we integrate with SAP

            Talk to one of our payroll people today to find out more about our SAP integration capabilities.
            It could be the start of an even brighter future for your organisation