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Oracle Cloud Global Payroll Integrations

Save time and drive efficiencies by integrating your global payroll with leading HCM system, Oracle. Creating a seamless data flow across countries, you can maximise your investment and grow on a global scale.

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SD Worx and Oracle multi-country payroll integration

Cloud-based payroll software for efficient payroll processes

By utilising our automated file interfacing capabilities, and our experience of deploying to our domestic and international clients' proven Oracle HCM interfaces, we have helped them to realise significant cost and efficiency gains.

We ensure that sharing and synchronising data between Oracle and SD Worx payroll solutions is simple and smooth, reducing workloads and empowering your HR and finance departments to focus on value-adding activities.

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    Payroll Software Integrations


    Secure and efficient transfer of employee data to SD Worx payroll services


    Automated payroll interfacing of key Oracle HR data

    +70,000 customersPersonalisation

    Incorporating Oracle and SD Worx best practices that are tailored to country-specific payroll requirements

    SD Worx Core HRMulti-country

    One functional language in six countries (Belgium, the Netherlands France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the UK)

    How does Oracle integration work?

    Oracle exports human resources data to SD Worx solutions which drives accurate payroll processes and reporting. SD Worx builds, maintains and updates these interfaces. This solution provides organisations with a platform for reporting and payroll analytics.

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      Benefits for your organisation

      • Save time and reduce setup and maintenance costs by easing integration burdens and complexity.
      • Enhance the value of your global HRIS investment with efficient processes and seamless integration.
      • Avoid the hassle of keeping integrations up to date; our evolving payroll integration automatically incorporates Oracle innovations and local legislative changes.
      • Rely on a powerful combination of global integration and local expertise.
        Molson Coors and SD Worx
        I love working alongside SD Worx. We have a really good, strong partnership and their efficiency to payroll accuracy is the same as ours.
        Molson Coors and SD Worx
        Melanie Salmon, HR Operations Manager, Molson Coors
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        FAQs | Oracle & SD Worx Payroll Integrations

        Oracle Cloud integration enhances payroll operations by automating data transfer between Oracle Cloud and SD Worx's payroll software. This ensures accurate payroll calculations, reduces manual data entry, and provides real-time visibility into payroll data.

        SD Worx offers comprehensive support for Oracle Cloud payroll integrations, including technical support, troubleshooting, and regular updates to keep the integration running smoothly and effectively.

        Benefits of integrating Oracle Cloud with SD Worx's payroll solutions include streamlined payroll processing, increased accuracy, enhanced reporting capabilities, and a unified view of HR and payroll data.

        SD Worx ensures the security of Oracle Cloud payroll integrations by implementing stringent data protection measures, including encryption, secure data transfer protocols, and strict access controls. We adhere to global data security standards to ensure the utmost protection of client data.

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