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How Albert Heijn automates time registration and payroll

Albert Heijn is a Dutch supermarket chain, which is owned by Ahold. In the Netherlands, the company has 950 stores and in Belgium 31. This makes Albert Heijn the largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands.
Albert Heijn

The retailer is in the midst of a massive (and successful) expansion in Belgium. Jeroen Kuijpers’s main challenge is understanding the definitions in the regulations. Jeroen is the HR Operations Manager for Belgium and Germany. Payroll processing also needed to be more efficient and correct. Too many exceptions had to be sorted out manually. By choosing Workforce management in combination with payroll from SD Worx, we immediately solved all the problems.

Jeroen Kuijpers: “The biggest improvement is the simplification and acceleration of the time registration. Workers can now register their own attendance. Supervisors can also enter absences of workers. Since we’ve started using SD Worx Workforce management, there are very few exceptions. This means that the payroll processing is much clearer and correct as well. In short, the solution has meant less administration work in the shops.”

    The SD Worx Workforce Management solution

    Too often, retail still works with manual processes. Initially they seem quick and affordable, but in the long term they are untenable. Timothy Weckx is responsible for the general HR administration and adjustment of SD Worx Workforce Management at AD Delhaize. He manages the creation of the rosters for both Proxy and AD Delhaize.

    Timothy Weckx: “The biggest challenge was the correct processing of all worked hours. Before we started working with SD Worx Workforce management, these were provided by the staff, after which everything had to be checked manually. At the time, this was only for 2 shops. When we expanded, this system was no longer tenable and we had to look for a more efficient solution. SD Worx Workforce Management’s time savings and wide employability were the deciding factors for AD Delhaize.”

      The complete payroll processing is 80% faster than before.
      Jeroen Kuijpers, Manager HR Operations, Albert Heijn

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