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What would your case study look like if you moved to SD Worx?

It may have been a “masterful” marketing campaign that persuaded you to consider SD Worx. But it was our undeniable payroll credentials that sealed the deal. However, you certainly weren’t a pushover—you knew your stuff and you had demanding requirements…

Your challenges

  • Your new solution must cope with the scale and complexity of your payroll, ensuring accuracy while managing a range of admin issues.
  • You needed the flexibility to pursue your objectives, whilst controlling costs in an uncertain economic climate that can impact workforce and payroll.
  • A variety of regulation and new legislation made guaranteed compliance essential for peace of mind, not least your reputation.
  • You needed to improve insight, visibility and control across your HR operation.

    Our solutions

    • Outsourcing payroll to us took the administrative burden off your team and allowed them to focus on tasks that added value to the wider business.
    • Using our solution that easily scales up and down, your business can react quickly to changing requirements and keep costs under control, whilst ensuring an ever-evolving workforce always gets paid on time.
    • Taking advantage of our cloud-based software meant that any legislation changes are automatically updated, while our expert advice on interpreting and understanding changes was always on-hand.
    • Your HR and operations team were empowered to analyse key data and make point in time decisions to plan for the future. 

      The benefits of our solution

      Use of a market-leading platform

      Processing payroll for thousands of people every month can place demands on even the most competent team. Who can you trust to handle the scale and complexity of such an important task? You decided that someone was SD Worx and asked us to provide a fully managed payroll service.

      By taking the heavy administrative load off the in-house team, your people were able to focus on the more meaningful and valuable aspects of payroll management, such as providing detailed reports and insights to the senior management team that enhance the business perception of the function.

        Meet your everchanging demands

        You needed a platform that could not only manage the sheer volume of staff every month, but quickly scale up and down to meet changing business needs. 

        By providing a future-proof package that satisfied your requirements for the timely completion and processing of your payroll, while quickly adapting to changing employee numbers, we eliminated any concerns about the accuracy or agility of payroll.

          Experience peace of mind

          Legislation and regulations are constantly changing nowadays. It can be challenging to keep on top of how those alterations can affect payroll. Because SD Worx has helped clients to achieve compliance and security in some of the most demanding national and international industries, you knew they would put all necessary controls in place to mitigate any risks to the business from payroll errors. 

          By providing a forum where your team could question, discuss and learn, we were able to put the team’s minds at rest, safe in the knowledge that they were fully compliant and knew why.

            The key results

            • Flexible costs and compelling efficiencies via self-service and workflow technology
            • Advice and support on vital legislation updates from recognised industry experts
            • Efficient and timely reporting of useful information through self-service or on request
            • Integration with Workday, Sap, Oracle or other HR or ERP systems as required
            • Paperless and self-service functionality for employees to book or buy holidays
            • Historical online payslips, whether for the 12 months previous or the last pay period
            • Assistance with and guidance on completing the P11D process
            • High levels of focused customer service from an experienced payroll partner with a multi-national footprint
            • Collaborative relationship; SD Worx feel like an extension of the team

              Ready to make this a reality?

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