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Moving payroll provider? Tips for a smoother switch

If you’ve reviewed your current payroll supplier and think you’d be better off elsewhere, it may be time to switch to a new provider. After all, smooth, efficient payroll calculation and payment remains the top concern for HR and business leaders.

It’s natural to have some worries when it comes to switching providers. You may be wondering how long it will take to get up and running with the new system? Or whether you will experience any downtime or delays to payroll? Or even, how you’ll train your staff to be confident with the new technology?

But don’t worry, that’s where SD Worx can help. Keep reading to follow our tips on how to make moving payroll suppliers as smooth as possible. Whether you’re on the hunt for the latest in payroll software technology, or you’re looking to move to a managed payroll service, we’ve got you covered.


Don’t take the plunge without thoroughly researching your new payroll supplier. You’re on the hunt for a provider with a wealth of experience who can handle whatever payroll challenge comes their way.

In addition to scouring company websites for customer testimonials and case studies, find out your potential supplier’s security and compliance credentials, their approach to implementation and integration, and whether they have support and disaster recovery options if something does go wrong.

Give notice

Some providers require you to give a certain amount of notice before you can move to a new provider, or you may be tied into a contract for a certain period. While this shouldn’t stop you researching and considering new suppliers right now, it’s important to be aware of your commitment to your current supplier before you officially begin the switching process.


You want to ensure that you choose a stress-free time to switch payroll providers. But as payroll and HR professionals know too well, there are certain times in the financial calendar that are far busier than others. Plus, every business is different, dependant on your payroll frequency and number of employees.

While some experts advise on coinciding a switch with the new financial year to keep a clean slate, an experienced payroll provider will be able to mitigate any complexity that might arise from switching mid-way through the year.

Thanks to cloud technology, switching from one cloud-hosted system to another is relatively simple and shouldn’t cause any major delays. Gather all the payroll information you think you’ll need, such as employee data, tax, pay frequencies and reports, to make the process run more smoothly.

Staff training and communication

Payroll is an emotive topic that no one wants to get wrong, so it’s important to provide your people with a positive experience with any new supplier from the start. A good provider should support you with training requirements, and provide product guides and collateral to help your employees feel confident with the new technology.

Above all else, make sure you communicate the change to your whole business in good time and let people know when the change will happen. Nowadays, employees are hyper-aware of phishing scams and fraud attacks, so be sure to mention the name of the new company who is handling payroll; that way your people won’t be suspicious of any unfamiliar email names or email addresses that may appear in their inbox.

In summary

Good payroll isn’t just nice to have, it’s fundamental for the success of your business and the happiness of your people. Switching payroll providers may seem like a bit of hassle, but with the right provider it can be a smooth, and even enjoyable, experience that will significantly benefit your business in the long run.

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