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September 2023 Payroll Question Time Recap: Navigating Work Rights & Legislative Changes

Understanding the intricacies of payroll legislation is crucial for businesses but it doesn’t have to be daunting! The monthly Payroll Question Time webinar, hosted by SD Worx, is designed to help Payroll & HR professionals stay informed. 

This September session featured Simon Parsons, Director of Compliance Strategies at SD Worx, and Nick Day, Founder of JGA Recruitment who doubled up as the session’s host.

During the 75-minute webinar, the panel addressed various pivotal topics. For an in-depth grasp of these discussions, watch the full September Payroll Question Time Webinar.

September Session Highlights:

  • Workers’ Rights Bill: The Workers (Predictable Terms and Conditions) Bill has received Royal Assent. This groundbreaking law empowers workers to request predictable work patterns, opening a dialogue between employees and employers.
  • National Minimum Wage Extension: Live-in domestic workers will soon be under the National Minimum Wage umbrella, thanks to the forthcoming amendment set to be effective from April 2024.
  • Stoptober: With Stoptober approaching, the panel highlighted the benefits of quitting smoking, emphasizing the immediate and long-term health improvements ex-smokers can expect.
  • HMRC & Student Loan Glitch: An HMRC system error resulted in approximately 16,000 borrowers overpaying around £100 on student loans. The panel discussed HMRC's ongoing rectification efforts.
  • Parental Leave Rights: The discussion also covered crucial aspects of parental leave rights, including neonatal care and paternity rights, providing insight into impending legal amendments.
  • Investment Zones: The panel explored the relief employers might receive from the 12 proposed investment zones.
  • Future of Payroll & Holiday Pay Changes: Insight into the broader future of payroll and upcoming modifications to holiday pay was shared.

    Make sure your company keeps compliant

      Make sure your company keeps compliant

      SD Worx Academy:

      A glance at the SD Worx Academy's October schedule revealed courses covering hiring first employees, an introduction to the National Minimum Wage, parental leave and pay rights, employee relations, payroll basics, payrolling benefits in kind, gender pay gap reporting, and family-friendly policies. For more detailed course information and scheduling, visit SD Worx Academy.

        Interactive Session:

        The webinar was not just about passive learning; attendees actively participated through polls and a live Q&A segment where the panel addressed various audience questions.

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