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Top 3 technology trends set to shake up HR and Payroll

Top 3 technology trends set to shake up HR and Payroll

Technology is the wheel that never stops turning. If Moore’s Law is to be believed, the sheer power of processing units will have doubled within two years – and that means plenty of new pieces of tech that could shake up HR and payroll processes.

With that in mind, here are three technological trends that could significantly alter your industry.

    Workplace automation

    Not so long ago, workplace automation meant replacing factory workers with machines. And while this is still happening (35 per cent of Britain’s workforce have jobs at high risk of potential automation, according to The Economist), improvements to artificial intelligence means that the fate of factory workers a decade ago is knocking on the door of office staff today.

    Jerry Kaplan, author of Humans Need Not Apply, has declared that automation is: Blind to the colour of your collar.
    While this might seem like something to fear (no one wants their job taken by a computer), it’s actually a fantastic opportunity for the workforce as a whole.

    Speaking at a panel set up by SD Worx, Sandy Begbie, Chief People Officer at Standard Life, said: We may get the chance to automate many time-consuming processes, giving us the time to step up and become a true partner of the business. This will allow the best people in HR to shine.

    Humans will never be irrelevant in an HR environment. Instead, they’ll complement the skills of machines. As pointed out by Jonathan Hime, group managing partner at Marlin Hawk:

    You sometimes [have to] rely on compassionate leadership. A robot may only allow people to take leave, for example, under certain circumstances. But a human leader will know when to use their emotional intelligence alongside pragmatic factors when making a decision.
    The way forward for automation, then, lies in striking the balance between artificial and emotional intelligence. 

      Wearable tech

      The wearable market has, in only a few years, presented a huge number of opportunities for workplace initiatives and improved communication amongst employees.

      Amazon is an interesting example of this. The global delivery company fits its warehouse workers with GPS tags and handheld scanners, helping employees find the best route they can take around the warehouses, improving efficiency and ensuring they never get lost around these labyrinthine buildings. It’s only one example of many in how wearable technology is helping workplaces evolve to meet the demands of the future.

        An improving Cloud

        Cloud computing has revolutionised offices over the past five years – but the system itself hasn’t stopped progressing.

        The healthy competition caused by more businesses diversifying into the data centre market means you’ve got a wealth of choices at your fingertips when it comes to Cloud packages.

        An already vital part of office life, the exchange of files will be even easier on the Cloud over the next few years, making it a hugely important piece of tech for HR departments the world over.

        Here at SD Worx, we value the Cloud enormously, believing that it’s a valuable solution to HR in a globalised environment, so we’ll keep a close eye on any future developments and keep you posted.

        The changing face of HR is placing technological trends at the centre of its evolution. That’s why we recommend you always consider how you can incorporate the most cutting-edge tech into your workplace. 

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