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HR: From pitlane to pole

Reassess, revamp and revive

After more than 12 months of COVID, chances are that you feel like your HR is running low on fuel. After all it deals with the engine of each organisation, its people.

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Then it’s time for a three-step pit stop.


Look back on what went well so far and what didn’t


Translate these insights into concrete actions and improvements


Position your HR as a resilient, strategic business partner

In short, take a moment to regroup and look ahead. Afterwards, you’ll be better equipped to smoothly switch through the gears and get into pole position for the new normal – which is already taking shape.

This e-book is based on the results of our first International survey of 2021 in which 1,382 European companies shared their recent experiences and future intentions regarding HR. More info in ‘About the survey’.

    Dowload our e-book