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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing a Payroll Solution

Provided you’ve done the right research, implementing a new payroll solution will streamline your business and help you save the long run. But put the wrong payroll solution in place, or implement it in the wrong way, and you could end up having a bumpy road as you learn new systems which seem to delay your payroll rather than make it more efficient.

The implementation of a payroll solution is useless unless you use prime tools of forward planning and strategic thinking. And the larger your company, the more planning will be required of you.

With this in mind, we’ve come up with five mistakes you should avoid when it’s time to implement your new payroll solution.

1. Planning is a vital step…

An overhaul to your current payroll system requires meticulous planning. Before you roll out your project, make sure you understand the new solution inside out, including the timescale of implementation, as well as who’ll continue to manage the system after it has been rolled out.

2. Don’t leave your staff out of the loop!

Your organisation isn’t a one-man band. It’s peopled by staff members who want the best for your company, to see it flourish and continue to excel in its field. So when your payroll is being changed, not notifying your staff members is a disastrous idea. Notify all employees of the changes you’re making, train those managing the software and be open to any questions they might have.

3. Take a step forward

There are a number of less-than-satisfactory payroll systems on the market – and they should be avoided at all costs. Research your product thoroughly, avoid outdated software. Always bear in mind what your business needs versus what the product is offering to make sure it is the right fit.

4. Keep pace with the rapid change

Moore’s Law dictates that technology will approximately double in its power every two years – and your company has to keep pace with this change.

Software can risk becoming outdated if it isn’t maintained properly. And if you wait for too long with technology, it’ll soon begin to feel like a weight around your neck. Research upgrades regularly to keep your payroll optimised for the modern age; ensuring you pick a payroll software provider that will deliver seamless updates to ensure that the payroll remains current, fresh and at the forefront of technology.

5. Test run the payroll software

You wouldn’t purchase a car without taking it out for a spin, so why would you let a new payroll solution go live without making sure it works? Before you let any payroll software go active, give it a few runs and watch its processes at work to ensure you’re satisfied.