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Benefits of creating new roles for existing talent

Benefits of creating new roles for existing talent

As your business grows, so does the demand for new talent, and internal recruitment is one method you can use to satisfy this demand. This offers a number of benefits for organisations, and a clear career progression plan is something that many employees look out for. However, it's likely that there won't always be a pre-defined role for your employees to fill as your company grows. So, what next?

In this scenario, it could be beneficial to create a new role within the organisation and recruit internally. Why? Find out in our blog post below.

    Why recruit internally?

    Firstly, why should you recruit from within? Internal recruitment provides a wealth of benefits for businesses of all sizes.

      Shortens the onboarding process

      It's no secret that hiring the right talent for your business can be expensive, however, when you hire from within you can reduce these costs.

      When you hire an employee from within the organisation, you'll save time on:

      • Training
      • Interviews
      • Background checks
      • Sourcing talent 

      These processes involve a lot of manpower, therefore, you'll save money by eliminating them and hiring internally.

        Boosts motivation & improves employee engagement

        Creating new roles and recruitment can create a buzz in your organisation, and get employees excited at the prospects of furthering their career progression.

        Hiring internally will also help your employees to feel more valued, and you may find that employee engagement increases as a knock-on effect.

          Creating new positions internally

          As your company expands, it's likely that you'll need to create more roles to ensure you continue to operate as efficiently. These may follow a similar progression path to other businesses, alternatively, you could create a position unique to your organisation and its needs.

            When to create new internal roles

            • Your business has grown quickly
            • You outsource work or use external contractors regularly
            • You spend too much time on tasks outside of your job description
            • Your team is consistently overloaded with work

            These are just a few of the signs that indicate that it's time to create new roles within your organisation. This can help you to manage your growth in a more effective way. 

              Benefits of creating new positions

              If you're considering creating a new position for an existing employee, you may be thinking, 'what's in it for me?'

              As a business owner, you can experience a wide range of benefits by doing this, including:

              • Reducing costs: Using contractors or outsourcing work consistently can be a costly process. On the other hand, hiring from within will mean that you can satisfy demand without the need for external help, and this could save you money in the long run. 
              • Improve time management: By hiring someone to do the roles you don't need to carry out, you'll be able to manage your own time more effectively.
              • Improve employee motivation: Creating a new role for a passionate employee or team can help them feel valued and more motivated to succeed.

                How to internally recruit for your new roles

                • Promotions
                • Internal job advertisements
                • Word-of-mouth promotion
                • Transferring employees from one department to another 

                The option you choose will largely depend on the nature of your new role. Does it require extensive training and development? Will your employees need to be upskilled? Will the employee need their previous role filled? 

                Depending on the role, you may invite individuals to interview, or you could advertise the role to the whole organisation, so you can as many suitable candidates as possible into account. 

                No matter whether you're hiring internally or externally, SD Worx can assist with your permanent recruitment needs. Get in touch today to see how our HR software can help.