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Let us tell you a beeautiful story...

Let us tell you a beeautiful story...

    SD Worx are proud to support We Love MCR charity, via the purchase of our very own bee, at the recent Bee in the City Auction!

    There was a real buzz in Manchester over the summer, as a colony of giant bees were on display across the city as part of the “Bee in the City”art exhibition. The worker bee is synonymous with Manchester. It was adopted as a motif during the Industrial Revolution, at a time when Manchester was taking a leading role in new forms of mass production, symbolising the hard work ethic and Manchester being a hive of activity. In 2017, following the atrocious terrorist attack the bee emblem was brought to prominence again as a symbol of unity and togetherness.

    At SD Worx, we know that Manchester and its people are amazing; which is why we’ve had a presence in the city for the past 53 years! We also love to give back to our local communities – this is so evident in the fabulous fundraising activities our colleagues take part in for our own charity, The PayBack Foundation.

    Combining our love of Manchester, our desire to make a positive impact in our communities and our passion for charitable giving, we were delighted to be able to contribute to the We Love MCR charity, via the purchase of our very own bee, at the recent Bee in the City Auction!

    The SD Worx Bee, named “The sky is not the limit”, was designed by Kim Thompson, and was located at Leftbank, Spinningfields throughout the exhibition.

    “Made of an endless galaxy and stars, the SD Worx bee is a tribute to Manchester as a city at the forefront of scientific discovery. Be it computing, astrophysics, engineering or the discovery of entirely new materials, Manchester proves that (much like for the bee) determination, drive and hard work count for more than physical size in the achievement of seemingly impossible things.”

    This description is the perfect analogy for what we are striving to achieve at SD Worx; collaborating together with our colleagues, customers and partners to elevate us to new heights. It’s like we beelong together!

    This is the beegining of another beeautiful relationship, and we’re buzzing about it!