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Reinventing HR: Workforce Management in the age of fluidity

The switch to mobile, remote and flexible working, combined with a mix of permanent and contingent talent, presents challenges to effective workforce management. From tracking time and attendance, measuring performance and productivity, ensuring accurate remuneration and aligning talent to objectives, modern workforce management demands a smart, real-time solution.

Reinventing HR: Workforce Management in the age of fluidity

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By integrating payroll with the entire people suite, including talent and workforce management, organisations have a single source of truth for seamless data sharing between departments. This enables greater insights and control over operations which leads to more accurate, efficient and agile ways of working.

Without complications, HR can focus on strategic initiatives for the fluid workforce, such as embracing talent mobility and developing a strong company culture that embraces both permanent and contingent workers.

Join Bob Rehill, from Bob Rehill and Associates, and Cathy Geerts, Chief HR officer at SD Worx, for this webinar, where you’ll discover:

  • The benefits of fluid workforce management and how this can be achieved
  • Payroll’s impact on fluid workforce management and how to get the foundations right
  • How to adapt your talent management strategy to focus on fluid capabilities

Who should watch?

All payroll and HR professionals working within the private sector, for mid-market and enterprise organisations.

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